Martial Arts Home Workout Towel Exercises

Hey. Ando here from So, I’m
waking up today in Las Vegas and I want to get going with a good workout. Only problem,
the last time I went down to the fitness center, I started doing some of my weird martial arts
stuff and they called security. So, I’m back up here in the room and yeah, I could do a
bunch of squats and pushups and kata, but I also thought I’d show you a little bit of
a circuit I put together using a towel. Best thing about using a towel, you can do it at
home anytime you want to, or in a hotel when you have to. So, here comes a quick, little
circuit that I’m doing this morning. Take a look. Oh. Quick disclaimer. Remember, these are
just things that are working for me. If you want to do any of this stuff, you’re doing
it at your own risk. Okay, let’s start with one of my favorites.
Go grab the biggest hotel towel you can find. I’ve already grabbed this one and folded it
the long way. I’m going to fold it one more time to make it as thin as I can. Once you’ve
done that, all you have to do is throw this bad boy up over your shower rod and look what
I have suddenly have here, my friends. It’s my own slip bag. So, great way to warm up,
just start working on your timing, you hand-eye coordination. The only way this gets better
is if you can make that towel a little damp first. So, maybe yesterday’s towel. Adds a
little more weight, adds a little more pop. Dare I say it feels a little more real? Is
that psychotic? Now, if you know anything about me, you know
I’m all about balance. So, we just did some punching, so I’d also like to do some pulling.
Now, if you’re a hot shot, yeah, you could take this towel, throw it up over the top
of the door there, and crank out some pull ups. But this is not my house, this is a hotel.
So, I don’t feel safe doing that. Pulling that door down would be trouble. But when
I can do is use the doorknob of the bathroom door. In this case, I laced the towel on one
side of that doorknob. I’m going to do the same thing on this side. Just tuck that through,
pull it down. This looks the same on the other side. What that gives me? Two good handles.
Basic thing you can do is just drop into a squat, put your weight in your heels, lean
yourself back, and engage those back muscles, and start pulling. Big safety tip here. I’m
wearing sneakers right now. If you did this is socks, there’s a good chance you’re going
to slide yourself right into that door and unless you’re wearing a cup, your workout
just took a really bad turn. So, sneakers, squat, good grips, stretch, pull. Get that
going. A variation I like even better than this, once I warm that up a little bit, is
to use one hand. So, I’m really practicing that hikite or pulling hand movement. So,
what I’ll do is take one hand, grab both handles, and treat it like an arm drag, right? So,
I’m reaching across, getting up above that elbow, I’m just going to pull myself by. I’m
going to switch off side to side. The trick on doing this is to not just hold the towel
and walk yourself past the towel, right? It’s not a dance. I’m reaching across, grab the
towel, and give myself enough weight back so that I really feel that I’m using my back
muscles and my arm to engage this movement. So, just pulling by, side to side, pulling
in. Try that one. Okay. Let’s do something for your legs. Roll
up that towel. Put your foot right in the middle and let’s crank out some front kicks
or teep type kicking. Just going to bring in that chamber, push it out. This will give
you a chance to really pull in that leg as much as you want and then use as much resistance
as you want to push it out. Obviously, I’m getting a good workout still for my grip and
my back. So, pulling and then pushing. Pulling and pushing. For even more of a challenge,
try this on your bed. Just hop up. This way, you’re not just working on your strength,
you’re working on your balance, and now you’re working on your stability. Oh, boy. Let’s
see if I can get this. Nope. Yep. Nope. Yep. Yep. Nope. Ah, Papa’s got it now. Okay. Last one, best one. If I’m really short
on time, this is the only one I’m going to do. Everybody knows battle ropes are really
great for your grip strength, for your endurance, and your general sense of flow. Well, guess
what? Towels can do everything that the battle ropes can do. So, grab two of the biggest
towels you can find. If single towels aren’t enough for you, big man, put two towels in
each hand. Either way. So, you’re going to find out that the towels can do everything
the ropes can do. You can do your up and down. You can do your side to side. You can do your
hip toss. You can do your circles in. Circles out. My personal favorite, you can do your
figure eight. Even better, the towels allow you to move your hands independently, so if
you’re a sticks person or you want to do some chuk work, guess what? You can use your towels. Whoo. Okay. Well, that’s my martial arts workout
for the home or a hotel using a towel. No excuses, my friend, there’s always a way to
work out. If you liked those tips, don’t forget to hit subscribe and, hey, why not jump over
to and get on my email list? Until I see you next time, keep training and
keep fighting for a happy life.

61 thoughts on “Martial Arts Home Workout Towel Exercises

  1. Thanks i guess will become handy sometime.
    I used to to mma i left it for a while after that i did push up at home and i end up with over trine my shoulders then i stop that as well. I really like workout at home but dont have enough stuff. First if u show me the right way of pull and pushups and second some good ways of workout at home like this one.

  2. Can't get to the dojo? No time for the gym?

    Here's a simple martial arts home workout… using a towel!


    Video won't play? Here's the article–

    #martialarts #fitness #karate #tkd  

  3. Pls do me . sensi how to fight with only one hand (selfdefenc) if your other one is busted #nottryingtofightsombofyrealy

  4. Great vid man never know towels were so useful and yea some gyms dint like martial arts but love this vid thanks

  5. You think you could give us some beginner videos to get us into fighting shape? Maybe give us all sort of variations for cardio and simple exercises. Maybe a breakdown for power, speed, and balance and footwork for your martial artists. (I'm a recreational boxer) You could even split these videos If you'd like. I'd just like something to follow as a weekly routine and I feel like you'd be the best person for this. Your videos are very enjoyable and reliable. I'm surprised that this had very little views! I learned all sorts of stuff! Rock on dude! 🙂

  6. I like this video in a particular way, because it's the first video I watched in the channel and gets me interested to see more.. I was looking up some home martial arts training and found this.. Glad that I did!

    The idea of towels as battle rope is brilliant, never tought of that before.. I think it's a great example of how thinking outside the box can get you very creative and you can get away with different stuff.. I also like how it's all about living a martial arts lifestyle and putting everything together to serve this purpose..

    Keep up the good work Sensei, we're really learning a lot here 🙂

  7. a few years ago when I was home trainning regularly the routine had this exercises with a dog chain… it was… not a good idea for a begginer like me….

  8. Thanks so much, sensei Ando!
    While it comes off as a little quirky, I think it is also brilliant to enable so many people to do stretches and workouts with nothing but a towel!!
    I really want to try the pull up when this video is over, I can't believe they kicked you out for doing fitness, that's ridiculous. ..
    Anyway, you have my support and admiration!
    No excuse to not work out!

  9. bumped into your channel by accident looking for fight training while im over seas. Though your bit on the corny side….. you very informative, plus I like a lil corn lmao! subscribing!

  10. A big thank you for these kinds of workouts, from myself, and I expect others, whom struggle with anxiety disorders and can't go to the gym. Domo arigato Sensei

  11. Great video. Always like to see new ideas that cut through excuses. Last time I was at a hotel for two weeks, the fitness room was way too small for any martial arts practice. I ended up finding a patch of grass behind the hotel and used that for a few days. Thankfully, no one called the cops on me. However, I noticed I was wearing the grass out :() so I got a guest membership at a gym and just practiced there.

  12. I'm just worried either the door handle or towels will break much faster.
    I know about some yoga positions and exercises that aren't just calming practice but also actually muscle training in several places. Maybe do a video on those for martial artists?
    It's better than a towel cause you get to stretch, muscle training, posture, endurance in the same position, some more flexibility and you don't need any tools at all just your body

  13. I love your videos and subscribed to your channel. It's so refreshing to see a non-Asian sensei like yourself. Open minded, realist, positive, experienced, level headed etc.

  14. This was soo good… can you make more videos like this using things that we already have at home for training for martial arts. For example exercising while sweepin… or certain movements we can do while doin daily life things.. Some people really don't have time to go out to the gym and workout… Thank u in advance

  15. 3:47 imagine someone walking by and see you doing that through the window😂 they'll be lie what the hell is he doing😦

  16. I like the playful and humorous attitude. As has been said before, workouts with daily life things are great. I'd also be interested in more videos.

  17. Omg 😀 okay you're genius ! Thank you Ando for this useful workout exercises, Because I'm not really down for going to do these workouts somewhere else. Home is the most comfortable place! .. Thank YOU!!! :DD

    2:10 great safety tip that saved many people life xDDD

  18. Hey men. Why don't you start a school in Kenya. You can be a great help you us. Love your creations I would love to be your student

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