Martial Arts & Body Parts : Using Your Hips & Waist in Martial Arts

Now, we talk about waist. Waist can be a very
powerful weapon. Not only that, it comes from the movement of the body. Take a look. Now,
he is leaning against me. Away from me. Now forward, backward. It can draw a circle with
the body. Now, check the star sign on your phone. You
can see that it has so many different angles. The body even goes down that way, forward,
backwards. Now next one, that way, forward, backwards, center. Forward and backwards.
Not only that, it can draw a circle. Or, reverse. And, then forward and back. That’s how the
hip is doing. But, not only that turn to the side. Turn
to the side. Most of the Judo player wrestler, like this movement. Without the hip, forget
about flowing. Everything is from the hip. Kick boxers, before they kick they’ve got
to use the hip. If they’re completely using shoulder, useless. It’s not going to happen.
Everything coming off on this powerhouse. This is the powerhouse. It generates a power
to the legs. It coordinates. If any kicker just swings from the shoulders, forget it.
That kick is not going to happen. Everything must come from the hip.
Thank you.

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