Martial Arts & Body Parts : Using Your Fingers in Martial Arts

Now, let’s travel to even further down to
our fingers. Talk a look, what do you see? They’re weapons. They’re weapons. But, are
they really weapons? I don’t think so. They can be weakness. Take a look. Take a look.
Talk a look at this thumb. People hate that. You heard it just pop. Now, in order to use
your fingers efficiently in martial arts you’ve got to know the purpose in delivering your
weapon. Now, let’s talk about jab. Jab. Jab is a sister of straight punch. Especially,
females will love using it. Because, they don’t have strength in their fist. Now, when
it goes take a look. When the thumb is open, jab becomes a choke. After that, take a look
when all fingers are open. They become a grip. They become a grip. You can snatch it. And,
not only sideways. If you turn it vertically, you can still grab the things or snatch the
target on your opponents face. Most likely, attacking the face. Now, fingers are movable.
Take a look. Fingers are very movable. You can choose one, two or five. It’s all up to
you. And, now this is how fingers will damage someone in the face. But, don’t do it. Because,
this is going to be very lethal. You’ll only use it when you’re in severe, severe dangerous
situation. Yes, again. That’s fingers. Now, there are two more additional techniques we
call grabbing. Inside out grabbing, outside in grabbing. That’s how we end the whole finger

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  1. Interesting, but don't you need to condition or strengthen your fingers before you can forcefully jab with them and not break them?

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