Martial Arts as Sport & Self-Defense | Ninjutsu Lessons

Martial arts, or martial arts as a term, is
pretty wide. One important distinction when considering
that terminology of a martial artists, or what is a martial artist, is the difference
between martial arts for sport and martial arts for self defense. Martial arts for sports obviously is about
winning and achieving your best as a champion and it’s a great endeavor for many people. Then there is martial arts for self defense
which is the focus of our school. The focus and challenge is to overcome yourself
and to understand both winning and losing so that you can endure life and focus on self
defense so that you are more prepared to meet the challenges of life. And that’s really the philosophy that we carry
because in actual combat, in actual warfare, there’s really no rules and no limitations
so all facets have to be explored within that context. As opposed to the sports context where you’re
dealing with more or less a pretty set, fixed body of rules in which to operate. So that is just a little bit about the difference
between sports martial arts and self defense martial arts.

4 thoughts on “Martial Arts as Sport & Self-Defense | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. 1:05 I nearly spit out my eggroll when I saw this. Are these the challenges of life and how does martial arts help you in a situation when you're tied up and used as a rag doll?!

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