Martial Arts and a Meal with Wing Chun Sifu Gary Lam and Catherine Ho

Hey, I’m Alfred Hsing, film and TV actor stuntman martial artist and 2009 World Wushu Championships gold medalist. In the next few weeks I will be traveling to a new destination with a local co-host to sit down and talk to a martial arts master about life, food, philosophy, and culture. After every meal we will learn three self-defense techniques from our martial arts master. Welcome to Martial Arts and a Meal Alright we’re here in Alhambra, California home of some of the best Asian food in Southern, California And we’re gonna meet up with my friend Miss Catherine Ho, former Miss Asian, Las Vegas We’re gonna interview and have southern Chinese food with Sifu Gary Lam Who is of the direct lineage of Bruce Lee, who studied under Wang Shun Leung and Master Ip Man. Hey What’s up Long time no see. You ready to get some Cantonese food? Let’s go All right guys We are here with Sifu Gary Lam who is an amazing Wing Chun instructor who has been teaching Wing Chun for years and years both in Hong Kong and in the United States. Sifu Lam has a direct lineage to Bruce Lee who both trained under Ip Man and under Wong Shun Leung, where he was head coach in Hong Kong and now he’s been teaching in Alhambra, California. Sifu Gary Lam also distinguished himself by winning the Hong Kong full-contact elimination tournament in 1978, defeated everybody, he’s also been teaching Wing Chun for over 40 years. Wow Yeah, that’s a long time My school opened in 1985 in Hong Kong. What do you think of Wing Chun of the self-defense martial art compared to the other ones? Actually all kinds of martial art works. But I tell you Every martial arts go to the same target. Well we happen to be at a Chinese food restaurant Southern Chinese food restaurant, and I think we’re hungry so should we order some food? All right, let’s go. Let’s get some food On top is mushroom, but you see this is very See that, it’s very tender inside and very delicious. You want to bring Wing-Chun to the next level and have a higher quality of students, continue to promote higher quality. now our teaching on Now our teachings are very open. We’re not the same like before–old style. I mean you’ve developed a system and you’ve been very open in your teachings and Just been like an open book with teaching and not hiding things and being secretive. And also now you must know the world have Facebook, computer, internet…so more open. It’s easier for people to improve. That’s great, well I mean that’s amazing just how much you’ve dedicated to the art of martial arts and to Wing Chun With that being said I think let’s learn some Wing Chun. Yeah, yeah, okay, okay great. Yeah, all right? We’re ready to learn from you. Let’s go Hi Sifu All right well, thank you so much for the warm up and introduction to Wing Chun Sifu So let’s just jump right into it What are the three most effective self-defense techniques in Wing Chun? Easy, I show you one. When you hit me- I take this, I hit you immediately. So what is that move called Sifu? This is inside Pak Sau. Okay great so technique number one the inside Pak Sau, and what is Pak Sau? Pak Sau is a breaking action. When people attack you you hold it and then break it. Okay great, so what do you feel? Do you feel like this would be an effective move? For sure, yeah. If someone comes up behind me or in front of me I don’t think that’s the move he taught but… Alright Sifu so what would be technique number two? It’s a surprise backfist. So how does it work? Not when you hit I stop and then you hit again I didn’t even see – did you see that? No that was crazy. Ok you do it. You punch, I take thins, and then– Okay, so that’s it technique number two the inside back fist if someone comes at you then you you block and backfist. Great so Sifu what would be technique number three? Tan Lap Sau Fong Hau. So how does that work? When you hit- I Tan, I Lap, and Fong Hau You stole my outfit I don’t think so! Alright go your turn bring it bring it You blocked it If she blocks it what I do? You cover. Punch again. Strait punch. So basically it would be like Covering their covering their attack and then going for a throat chop Throat a chop okay, throat chop. Technique number three Wing Chun throat chop. Great so Sifu, What is something that an advanced Wing Chun or advanced martial artists could learn from you today? I tell you, the more fast and strong we call high level fighting When you teach, okay, then I take this, then the inch punch. Did you guys see that? That’s pretty much the one inch punch, a move Bruce Lee popularized. How does that exactly work though? Actually, they’re using tight and soft. This part is tight and this part is relaxed? Yeah, and then how does that work though? This part is limited, this part is no limit. So when you no limit, you will fly away. And then you will hit me I stop, and then I take this then I one inch in You take over for me, I gotta rest for a minute Thanks so much Sifu we learned so much today with the Wing Chun techniques the Wing Chun forms the wooden dummy and the one-inch punch. So we really appreciate it today. Thank you so much. No actually it’s cuz my mom. She’s cooking at home, so I think I gotta go. I love your mom’s cooking. Yeah, it’s good We had a good time. Thank you so much Sifu. Thank you Come again

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