Martial Arts Actors You Should Know About

Martial arts movies are their own brand of
fun. Whether you’re into well-choreographed action,
or just like watching chiseled warriors beat each other up, your viewing choices are better
than ever. To help you stock up your kung fu queue, here
some lesser-known martial arts movie stars from around the world who deserve way more
recognition. Ilram Choi Described as one of Hollywood’s “go-to stuntmen,”
Ilram Choi has been working behind the scenes in the industry for over a decade. Formally trained in taekwondo and a self-taught
master of gymnastics, Choi is responsible for countless movie stunts you’ve seen since
2002. Choi was one of Spider-Man’s stunt doubles
in the Amazing Spider-Man movies. In fact, he was so good at being Spider-Man,
he became the fight coordinator for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Choi has done stunt work for a bunch of video
games, too, most notably serving as the basis of Albert Wesker’s fighting style in Resident
Evil 5 as well as doing some of the stunts from Devil May Cry 3. Scott Adkins This British actor is seemingly unable to
avoid being typecast as a Russian thug. Trained mostly in kickboxing with a background
in taekwondo and gymnastics, Scott Adkins’ skills have recently been showcased during
his numerous fight scenes as Yuri Boyka, the straight-to-DVD hero of the Undisputed movies. All in all, Adkins seems to feel most at home
making cheesy direct-to-video movies with even cheesier names like Ninja: Shadow of
a Tear. Marko Zaror Before he became an action star, Chilean actor
Marko Zaror initially made his foray into the entertainment industry as a model. Standing around pouting in a pair of jeans
didn’t cut it, so he decided to try his hands at punching people in Spanish B-movies. From this his transitioned to bit parts in
Hollywood and Bollywood movies before finally returning to his native Chile to become the
country’s first real action star. Vidyut Jammwal The big break for Vidyut Jammwal came courtesy
of Commando: A One Man Army, in which he performed all of his own stunts and choreographed his
own fights specifically to show off his martial arts prowess. Most critics considered Jamwal to be the film’s
only real saving grace. It was enough to get a sequel greenlit, which
looks even more ridiculous than the first movie. In addition to being recognized as a phenomenal
martial artist, Jammwal was declared PETA’s sexiest vegetarian in 2014. Lateef Crowder For anyone with a passing familiarity with
the Tekken franchise, Lateef Crowder is basically Eddy Gordo. In fact, Crowder’s physical resemblance to
the character was so uncanny that he was the only real choice to play him in the live-action
Tekken movie. “Bring it on boy. Come on!” Along with appearing in terrible film adaptations
of popular video games, Crowder is a prolific extra in movies when they need a thug who
can can do cool spin kicks. As a result, footage exists of Crowder getting
beat up by everyone from Michael Jai White to CGI wolves in the Twilight movies. Sadly for such a capable martial artist, Crowder
is criminally under-utilized in most of his film roles. His greatest fight scene might just be his
earliest credited role in The Protector, which saw him fighting against Tony Jaa. Wu Jing Even though he’s never gotten the same recognition
as guys like Donnie Yen or Jackie Chan, Wu Jing is an astonishingly accomplished martial
artist. Known for his acrobatic fighting style, Jing
has mostly starred in Chinese action movies with fun names like Metallic Attraction: Kungfu
Cyborg. Wu Jing’s bread and butter seems to be taking
kicks and punches for a few minutes before ending his opponent with a 40-hit combo. As an OG of the martial arts world, Wu Jing
has appeared in everything from cheesy ’90s action movies to gritty war films, and he
always delivers. Johnny Nguyen While Vietnamese martial artist Johnny Nguyen
has sporadically done stunt work in the U.S. on projects like the original Spider-Man trilogy,
a live-action Mortal Kombat TV show, and X-Men: First Class, most of his appearances come
from Vietnamese action movies. If you’ve never heard of the guy and want
to ease into his kick-centric world, you could do worse than 2009’s Clash, in which he kicks
three people in the face at the same time, all while wearing mom jeans. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “Martial Arts Actors You Should Know About

  1. Scott Adkins has been in a number of mainstream theatrical films it's just that he usually always dies in them like lasting about 30 seconds in Zero Dark Thirty.

  2. Wu Jing vs Donnie Yen scene is one of the best in martial arts movies to date! They've trained together for very long time, shame he's not so well recognised as well as the rest of the guys on this list

  3. Guys, Iko Uwais is pretty famous, so, suggesting him as a missing one on the list is wrong, but in the same movie, there are two other stars, who are really unappreciated – Cecep Rahman and Yayan Ruhian

  4. You guys kinda did a shit job in show casein all these great stunt actors man like the brother Scott did dead pools stunt work among other things .

  5. All the people mentioned on this list are legit and accomplished martial artist except for the indian dude (who frankly I dont even know who he is) but looks like a cheap cheesy martial art knock off. I think it simply a disrespect to all others to mention him here.

  6. Iko Uwais – The Raid
    Yan Yan Ruhian – The Raid
    Cecep Rahman – The Raid 2
    Cyril Raffaelli – District 13

  7. Scott Adkins is definitely getting more traction, from his roles with JCVD (Universal Soldier and Expendables 2) to appearing in Doctor Strange. I think he could be a great Batman or a James Bond.

  8. Scott Adkins should have been Batman for sure. Now that Disney is going to own every Marvel character they should consider him to take as either Iron Fist or Daredevil

  9. Atkins and crowder are def the top 2, but you did forget Michael Jai White! Even tho hes getting more and more recognized he should have been on here.

  10. people here be commenting that scott adkins should be batman and i'm like………dude, batman would love to be scott adkins, the most complete fighter in the world……

  11. While Scott Adkins is a great stunt actor, he's a terrible actor. The whole "Scott Adkins should be Batman" crap seems to ignore his inability to pull off anything but the action or the brooding.

  12. Thank you for Adding Vidyut Jammwal in the list…atleast someone is here who can can understand his potential!!! 👌👌

  13. Johnny Nguyen is a very good actor and martial artist,lateef crowder i hate it to see this guy takes a beating in nearly everything he has acted so far when his capoiera martial arts is so unique only he can do it,he needs his own movie & more credit than that………….

  14. I'll give you two other martial artists that you should have included. Bren Foster and Gary Daniels. In fact, if you ask me, Bren Foster is a better martial artist than any of the guys shown here and Gary Daniels probably has a richer repertoire in techniques than any of the guys shown here. All of the guys shown here are more like stuntmen than real martial artists. Well, Gary Daniels and Bren Foster are real martial artists. Another actor that I think should've got more roles is Thomas Ian Griffith. He's an excellent martial artist and a better actor than all of the guys shown in this video combined.

  15. It’s funny how you mention Wu Jing and others while still showcasing the awesome fighting skills of Scott Adkins. Albeit his brief part in Doctor Strange this martial artist really deserves his place in Hollywood above anyone else. His work ethic alone should be worth a part or fifteen and I’m surprised Hollywood hasn’t snapped him up fully.

  16. Am I the only person who heard Donnie Jin instead of Yen when the guy was talking about one of the people

  17. If, there is no, any good and serious filmmaker – director. To bring them, all those martial arts "in surface", to see them. On a good big movie, with a good story line….then guess what?
    Always, there will be independent movies with low budget (North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia – New Zealand) to hire, then we go see them those martial arts actors in these kind not so good movies!!

  18. I don't care what people say but I hope I live to see the day Scott Atkins does Batman. If by any random act of Fate Scott sees this comment please, Scott, save Batman! He could do the best batman ever… yes, better than Michael Keaton (my personal favorite so far) and Christian Bale. Batman is supposed to be a frikin ninja for goodness sake. Scott is not only a formidable martial artist who can also do incredible stunts but the guy can really act. Just wanted to put that out there. I hope that guy climbs up high. I was really glad to see him in the Dr. Strange movie.

  19. Oh hey, I’ve actually met Ilram Choi when I was cast as an extra. Of course at the time I didn’t know anything about who he is or what he can do.

  20. To think any actors deserve MORE recognition at all is absurd. Actors don't deserve more than say missionaries and they get none. Idiotic.

  21. I came here to see Vidyut Jamwaal's name on the list. He is rare combination of looks and action, yet Bollywood failed to capitalise him since 'Cammando'

  22. Ahahahhahha just had to watch this video because the local Indian papers are all running articles on how Vidyut Jammwal is being touted as one of the top 6th martial artist in the world by a leading US publication. Turns out it was this looper article..which itself does not state to be a top 6 list but merely a list of some ovelooked martial artists in film and entertainment.

  23. Thanks Looper for mentioning Vidyut jamwal as he deserves the attention. I hope he gets more success in future. He should enter south Indian cinema because Bollywood is plagued with nepotism and doesn't care about talent and hard work.

  24. Do not forget that Scott Atkins was also the real model for Batman's fights in his Arkham video game series

  25. Thank you so very much for recognizing VidyutJammwal yes he needs way more recognition glad to see him in the list

  26. Vidyut it's a proud movement seeing your name in top lists way to go want to see more martial arts movies from you…all the best

  27. You fucked up the video at the end you can't kick 3 people at the same time you don't have another foot you're up for you only got two. Watch that scene again!

  28. You forgot the insanely talented and underrated Daniel O’Neill!!! He has worked with Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa and Sammo Hung to name a few! His skills are insane!

  29. Seriously Bollywood is ruining Vidyut Jamwal. He is the in 6th rank in world's top martial artists and yet he has to be hero in the B grade movies. He should move to Hollywood.

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