Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

For officers of special forces One of main part of physical training A variety of physical exercises… contribute to the development of motor coordination… courage and determination Tasks performed by personnel… of special forces requires them to perfect using of martial arts techniques Martial art include a shocks and blocks… from Karate system… troughts painful techniques strangulations and fixation the enemy from Sambo wrestling and Judo Techniques with standard weapons For promoution of muscle in Karate use special techniques attention to flexibility in joints abdominal muscles and impact power Very impotant – right breathing Impact immitation help to study Punch edge of his hand you must make… use a method of cutting in face in the throat and collarbone in the stomax and lower back region

9 thoughts on “Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

  1. не по теме – что за мелодия играет во время демонстрации морпехов?

  2. Ну, здесь понятно, самбо + оперативное каратэ (дзёсинмон сёрин-рю , переосмысленное кубинскими товарищами). А здесь что за сборная солянка? –

  3. Блин, они и так нас боятся ты им еще сдачу на краповый берет покажи что бы уж совсем добить !!!

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