Martial Art Experience n°2b – 7MuayThai

Here we are again Raiong Thailand 7MT camp on Delta_zero Blog Roberto, what is MT for you? MT is a passion and now it has also become a constant commitment. I do not use the word job because despite being challenging I do it only for passion It is not an activity to get rich because it does not, but it gives you many satisfactions especially in Thailand country where there is a great respect in this kind of art Everything that happens in MT is a metaphor of what happens in life train and see the results, sacrifices, satisfactions and also disappointments I believe that it helps people to train for their personal life To You, Mattias same question, what is MT for you? I can say that it has become a job, because, when you start to train for fun that is only a passion then when you start to carry on the name of the gym the name of your country, your name, you start to see it differently When you train for combats you can’t do what you like you have to do the things that help you to go to the ring so this makes you a little less relaxed If you choose to do things seriously you need to take responsibility Roberto, describe in a sentence the essence of MT I’ll give you an example: maybe you will not notice it but sometimes we turn to watch the TV because there is the Toyota tournament , this I think is more significant than a sentence. The passion for MT takes you at 360 living in way that you like what you are passionate for is fantastic I could also say – sacrifice respect and great satisfaction I could also say – sacrifice respect and great satisfaction Surely respect, as he said, for a combat sport like MT MT is not a martial art like Judo or Karate is a combat sport so if we compare it with other combat sports like boxing, MMA is the sport where there is more respect between opponents between teams and gyms it looks like the respect you find in martial art and this is very beautiful and meaningful so nothing that is MT thanks for everything and good luck beautyful life!

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