Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Throw a Bo Staff

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Alright next
we’re going to be going over how to throw our bo up into the air, which will look like
this. Going all the way up, nice toss into the air. So what I’m doing, I’m doing my finger
spin. I’m holding it here, going through my fingers. As I’m coming, all I’m doing is flicking
my thumb and it shoots right into the air. So one, bam, all up to the air. Now when you
throw it, just practice this -put in your right hand, toss, catch with your left hand.
One more time. Left hand, toss, catch with your left hand. Okay? Now when we do it, go
ahead and hold it now palm down, now we’re just going to turn our wrist and throw it
straight up. So, once you throw it up and do a full spin, go all the way around, catch
with the left hand. One more time. From here go up, catch, go with the left hand. So now
go ahead and go into your throws. You can do it either way. You can go around the wrist,
palm closed, straight up into the air. Or, go through the fingers. One, through the fingers
and then toss. We handle it like a pencil, you just toss it, and kind of flick your thumb
and it goes up for you. So, one, two, there we go. Never reach for the bo, reach up for
it, you’ll lose it. Just put your hand right in front of you, chest level, and it’ll fall
right into your hand. Watch. My hand’s chest level and it goes right into my hand. One
more time, there we go, just like that, and that’s going to be a throw. You can go from
around the back into a throw, you go around the back, over the head, around the back one
more time into a throw. You can just make up your own combos and do it anyway you want.
You can do a look-away throw. Catch, bam, you look away. It looks pretty cool. If you
get really good, get a high ceiling throw up in the air. You can do a full 360, bam
all the way to the catch. But that’s going to take a lot of practice, so make sure you
get that down first.

31 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Throw a Bo Staff

  1. i kind of like karate maybe i shound take karate one day oh hi thank you for shwoing me how to throw a bo staff i think i watch all your video's thank you for that too

  2. Great video this is and not to sound like a know it all just commenting on what jzang9 said but there are korean forms of karate but that being said he has mention in other videos he is a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo

  3. there are i am a @nd degree black belt and I take Trditional Korean Teakwondo. My master trained in South Korea for a couple yaers and he was taught Takwondo weapons by his master, the only ones I know of are the Bo staff or Joe Staff, the nunchucks, and the short staff. i am shure that there are more but i have not learned them yet.

  4. But you have to remember that there are 2 forms of Taekwondo. WTF ( World Taekwondo Federation) and ITF (international Taekwondo Federation) I do traditional WTF (the one used in the Olympics) and in that one there are weapons the one you are probebly talking abought is ITF, And if you didnt know there are 2 forms the you you should do a litte reaserch on Teakwondo or ask a master if you have one

  5. thanks
    i want to be in karate or ninja school
    because then i can learn thing do things
    that i couldnt usally do

  6. if you throw it in the air, your opponnt will focus on the staff, and you can kick them while they're not paying attention

  7. Hey I want to start with the Bo Staff but the problem is, i don't have one. do you know what kind i should buy and where?

  8. @shirtsx2
    it depends what you want to do with it … if you want to just do tricks like fingerspins then get a conic one that is very thin and light (like the one in this video) … if you want to learn how to fight with one in a "flashy" way (and to build up some muscles) then get one that isnt conic and weights a little more

  9. Yea some instructors tho degread outher forms that is Y i quit going to the dojos my instructor was from japain along time ago he was a class a ninja black when i went in to the dojo useing ninjasue and kung fu my instutor hated me becuse i was useing more then just the kempo she was teaching so i quit and started to give up now there is some telling me that they dont want me to like drako and some outhers drako is a student of mine i have no outher recorded rankings outher

  10. Depending on the style, some disciplines start any weapons training at black belt. There are those who start as early as green. It varies depending in the school.

  11. @BakuraFox you need to be around the green belt the reason u should be around the green belt or end of yellow is to learn your reach and to snap your techniques instead of pushing through them and loseing your balance

  12. @BakuraFox You don’t have to be a black belt to start learning weapons, especially the bo. In Okinawan styles they usually start teaching you weapons the rank after white belt. Look up Matayoshi Kobudo, it’s the most popular style of Kobudo (Okinawan weaponry) practiced.

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