Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Hold a Bo Staff

Hi, my name’s Caleb Labarda, I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning Bo staff. Already, first
let’s go and get over on how you hold the Bo staff, ok. So if you’re right handed, you’re
always going to have your right hand up, and left hand down. It should never switch, you
should never hold it like this, do any of your strikes like this, ‘k, ‘that?s incorrect,
maybe if you’re doing more of a traditional Bo, but this is going to be for fast, for
some fast movements, for some showy stuff, it’s going to be really fancy, So make sure
you have your right hand up, left hand down, and you, as you do it, you are going to move
up and down your Bo, as you do some different kind of strikes, and everything, but your
hands will always, should always be in this position. Never turn your hand over, do any,
do any of these strikes like that, ’cause that’s incorrect, you’re not going to have,
you’re going to lose control of your Bo, ‘K. Also, if you’re left-handed, you can do it
the other way, left hand up, right hand down, so if you’re left handed; your left hand is
going to lead your Bo into all your strikes. Like I said, go ahead and make sure when you
hold your bow, you want to hold it right in the middle of your Bo, you should have a nice,
nice weighted Bo, so it’s weighted in the middle, ‘K, and then you want to hold it right
in the middle, hold it about a hand, hand-length apart so if you put it on the middle, one
hand length apart, and that’s going to be where you want to hold your bow. Remember
always, right hand up, left hand down, or if you’re left handed, left hand up, right
hand down.

13 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Hold a Bo Staff

  1. i learned how to spin about a month ago while i was drunk at my friends house watching his brother spin, i ended up stumbling to a pool stick and pretty much taught myself from that. i've worked my way up to a broom stick and i feel beast XP i started watching this about an hour ago and went outside and my form and abilities have been majorly effected by this. thank you

  2. If your right handed is that at the bottom for power? or on top for direction, Wouldnt is be better to use left on top right on bottom?

  3. @thestarchproductions if you know anything and wushu you would know that stance is a very big deal. Especially when holding a weapon.

  4. I'm very curious is there a recommended brand or size of bo staff for beginners? I'd also like to use it as a walking stick, can somebody help advise me? Thanks in advance

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