Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Create Bo Staff Forms

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village. And, today I’m going to be going over beginning Bo Staff. Alright, now
let’s go over making up combo’s o.k. Now the easiest way to make up combo’s is just using
all the moves that you have and putting them together, in an order that works for you.
O.k, so when you’re doing a Bo form, you don’t want to stand in one spot, you want to move
around. So, usually when you do it, you’ll have a ring, you’ll want to start in the center
of the ring, you’ll want to move forward, you want to be able to work the ring, work
the edges of the ring, move it around using your Bo Staff doing all your strikes and moves.
You can do it into front rolls, on your knees, different things like that. So, let’s go ahead
and work on it, so, we’ll go with start with your strikes, one, two, three, four, switch
sides, one, two, three, four, come across, you’ll do a helicopter spin, behind the back.
I like to go into a throw, all the way behind the back, one more time, come front, strike
and stab. O.k, now from here like we did earlier, you can reverse the stab, into the top, hi-ya,
o.k. And then from here, maybe you can go into a block, come down and knee, bam, o.k.
So, then after the knee, block up, one more time, knee, o.k. while I’m still going straight
forward, I can go into another direction from here. I can walk this way, and then go, do
my exes all the way to pose. From here, maybe I can do some kicks, skip, front kick, maybe
round kick, hi-ya, reverse side kick, hit, o.k. and back. Alright, now you see how I’m
working the ring. I’m using all the moves that I’ve learned. I’m moving forward, all
the way to the side, and all the way back around. Now, when you end your form, you want
to end all the way back up in the middle section of your ring, right back where you started
at a good judge’s formation. Alright, enutrouck kenua. So, by using all these moves and putting
them together, they should help you create a nice form and just remember to walk around
and use the ring.

25 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : How to Create Bo Staff Forms

  1. I have seems some monks do forms that would make that seem like childs play lol, I think Ill practice the moves those monks do at lightning speed. It would have been better if you would have showed up a form at the end that way we would get a idea of how it looked without the slow down. Great Video Thanks!!!

  2. Have any of you guys ever tried to perform bo staff techniques with a jo? It's a lil harder being that the jo is bigger in diameter and you can't get it to twirl between your fingers as opposed to a bo staff.

  3. @hugz04drugz0 Are you retarded? Tournament weapon forms is basically just a show of who can pull the craziest moves while still maintaining their balance and technique on strikes and steps..

    There's nothing practical about it… obviously if he's weapon sparring he's not gonna throw his bo…

    Sport martial art and traditional martial art are two completely different things. Its like comparing apples and oranges because they're both fruit

  4. Technique is highly overrated. In order to truly become good at martial arts, you must train with a person who is actually trying to hit you (but in slow motion at first)

  5. @obiwansbane actuary he would. they would be used to conused your emery and they allways keep there eye on the staff so the thorws put him off.

  6. @TheIllusiveShadow They aren't racist. There's a complete obvious white guy doing bow staff and he has subtitles too. It's so people who don't speak English as well have two ways to understand what he is saying.

  7. @mertyiM It's beginner bo staff. It's definitely a nice start. If people want real training they can go visit a real karate school and pay for it. This is a weaker yet still valid alternative.

  8. @jacksonbaker94 it all depends on who makes it and wut kind it is like oak wood bo's cost a diff. amount then pine bo's ….and competition bo's cost diff. then wood bo's..i cud rage sum fom about $60 to about $120 i wud suggest a competition bo cuz wood ones warp easily

  9. I'm sorry … but he said "work THE EDGES of the RING"

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