Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Figure Eight Bo Staff Techniques

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village and today I’m going to be going over beginning Bo Staff. O.k. so now, for
the next move, you just saw me doing, that’s called your figure eight’s or your exes. O.k,
this is either for an offensive or defensive move, o.k. If you want to get opponents away
from you, you can attack them like this, or you can back up and it’s a defensive move,
it will also protect you, alright. So, what I’m going to do is, make sure you hold the
Bo properly, right hand up, left hand down. Now, the one, the side with my right hand
up, I’m going to pretend there’s a huge paddle on it, o.k. Pretend I’m in a boat, so that’s
kind of an easy way to do it. So, hold it up like this, so now I’m going to paddle on
the right side of the boat, paddle this side, and then keep paddling this side, but if I
keep paddling on one side, I’m going to end up going in circles, so I need to paddle both
sides. So, come on this side, then hold it up, o.k. now, go ahead and go down and paddle,
the other side. One, go down, up, and the other side, one, two, one, two, o.k, so right
side, left side, right side, left side, good. And, keep it paddling, and then as you get
it in a nice flowing motion and as you can see, as I’m doing it, I’ve got, my right hand
is guiding it and my left hand is just pushing the Bo to keep it moving. And, if you get
it really good, what you want to do, hold it to about two fist links above from the
middle and then you can do it with one hand. There you go, so that’s what it’s going to
look like with one hand, sideways. And then when you practice have your other hand here
by your face, just in case you mess up and get too close and knock you across the head.
So, that’s going to also protect you, so right here, across for your eight’s. And look here,
you can also go around the wrist and go into throws from here, around the back, stop, bam,
go back into your figure eight’s, or your exes. And that’s going to be called your figure
eight’s and that’s another really cool move that you can use with your Extreme Bo Staff.

99 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Figure Eight Bo Staff Techniques

  1. anyone notice they have 138 thousand videos? And i use a broom stick, its about 5 1/2 feet, so i cant do a figure 8 -.-

  2. u very very goood in the tutorial really u good martial art and handsome wow i saw all ur tutorial nunchaku and bo staff u very awesome im 17 years old i wanna learn like u in the future u look great master

  3. Man I gotta get one of them lighter sticks. If I had that speed on my red oak one I'd be afraid of smashing my head off haha.

  4. Amazing. I already knew how to do all that before i even Knew what Bo Staff was! In fact I never even knew that what i was even doing was called Bo Staff! Wow!

  5. If you're still taking questions on this video, I'd like to ask where I can buy a bo staff like the one you're using? Thanks.

  6. Wow! You good! Me not no good engrish. 🙁 Me sad. haha jk. Amazing! Thanks for the lesson, now I can be Darth Mall!

  7. its weird that i do that exact same technique & i didnt even know about it, i use it as getting oppenets away & if their like coming at you, & i didnt even know about it, awsome, so far 2 vids i've seen i already do, super awsome

  8. Don't worry about hitting my head, I don't do that too often. Every other day isn't too often. LOL But, I am getting good. I just come here for tips to improve my skills.

  9. Pretty cool stuff. Historically in Karate people never spin bo staff for real life. But this is still cool =D

  10. im using one of those long ass white lightbulbs. lightweight,easy to maneuver but if i hit a wall or desk ima be bringing out the vacuum. lol

  11. Really quick question do I still follow you're example if I'm left handed? because I followed your front spin techniuqes but using my left hand and I think I'm pretty decent in spining my staff now

  12. Go to a martial arts school if you have time. U'll be exceptionally good and get personal training as apposed to being above average.

  13. I got a training bo staff for around 30 dollars on ebay. It was good quality and Thanks to this guy I am learning many things. 🙂

  14. I've been looking for type of martial art in my area. Seems a lot more useful than things involving blades since a pole would most likely be nearby, rather than a katana if you wanted to defend yourself, Lol.

    I've also been looking for arts that involve stabbing with the fingertips on pressure points.

  15. I'm pretty high up there, actually. I've been observing lot of mixed martial arts for 7 years and even try to recreate some of the movements through animation programs. Back when I took classes, I held out very well against the black belts as a yellow and even outsped them.

  16. hello pls answer my question, in a figure 8 spin only one hand is dominant correct? the other hand just serves as a guide yes? I've seen different forms of this in which both hands are dominant. are both ways correct?

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