Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Wrist Spin Techniques

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Alright now
let’s go ahead and go over how we’re going to be spinning our bo around our wrist. So
you can go with just a one-hand spin, go around, and then go back, and that also helps you
go, when you start going to throws, that’s going to help you really get the speed and
momentum going instead of just going through your fingers. Going through your fingers you
can also go above the head for the helicopter spins, but this one you mostly want to do
around the wrist when you go into throws. So let’s go ahead and go over that. From here,
hold it, find the middle of your bo, okay? Hold it here, go all the way. Practice flipping
it around the wrist and then flipping it back over. Going one, and back over. So it’s going
to look like this -you have it here, here’s the middle of my bo, I’m going to hold it
right here, to the right of the middle, I’m going to just practice slipping it around
and then all the way back. So then I catch it. I go pass the middle and I catch it on
the other side of the bo. You can see in my bo I have a…this would be the center, this
is where I like to put my hands, right at the edges of my black tape. If you want to
mark your bos, that’s a good way to do it. So from here once again, one, spin over the
wrist, and back over. Okay? One, just let it roll around the wrist, and roll it back
over. And then it’d help too if you do just your front spins. Go through here, instead
of doing through the fingers, just go around the wrist each time. There you go. So make
sure you get that move down because it’s really going to help you out as we start getting
more into some throws and some harder difficult moves.

62 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Wrist Spin Techniques

  1. most of this i know but its always good to practice….i can spin quite fast..i could kick ass with one…but no one picks on me anymore since i learned these teckniks..any way just practice every day…

  2. I like the fact he wears a microphone. Most of the people who posts their videos here, teaching something, you barely can hear them or they need to scream.

    Good job with this channel and this guy, Kyle Levada, or whatever he says (he speaks fast)

  3. I found heeps of staffs for sale by simply typing in Google…

    "martial arts store" + country that you come from. I come from Australia so I found a martial arts store in Australia and was able to order staffs.

    Broomsticks are fine in my opinion, and you can paint it or decorate with tape so it looks cool.

  4. actually it is, it helps with the speed of momentum that your staff goes at and that helps with strikes and if someone stops your staff you can just spin it the other way and hit them and or confuse the enemy because they don't know where your going to attack from

  5. You joking a kid can do that …… and how call it Bo staff i know it is called Bodance go so some movies for my teacher video called the best of bodance

  6. oh please kid can do that and Bo Staff!! lol what the funny name it's Bodance go see movies for bodance and you'll know that you don't know anything on this thing which you call Bo Staff!!!

  7. The kind of bo that is best for your use depends greatly on the style of bo fighting. His staff would be ineffective in my style, or styles of Kung Fu that use flexible waxwood staffs. But, obviously, for Karate/TKD, this works great.

  8. locoyogui, it is my humble opinion to use a bo which is heavier while training, for the sole purpose of arm conditioning and to be honest i think quite poorly of these small metal staves because they have become popular through the baton twirling flashiness of performance art often times under the guise of true martial arts. If you know any baton twirlers like ive mentioned just walk up and stick your staff in their way during their kata and watch what happens.

  9. Good question, See a heavy bo staff is very good for harder strikes and at the same time when you move the staff it will gain a higher momentum which will spin much faster than the light bo staff. Yes it is harder initially when you do use it. The light bo staff is good for praticing the proper techniques of the bo staff.

  10. Yeah i went out an bought a pine 6 ft bo staff from Home depot and it is sorta heavy but i have a hickory sword and that is REALLY heavy but much better than a pice of metal that would bounce of some one instead of do some damage

  11. @sschafi1 don't forget the momentum from the spins of the bostaff are also used to strike an opponent as well so you could distract your opponent with the staff wrist spin then with a fast enough movement strike him while he fixed on the staff which would allow you to strike with little or no effort

    though I'm not sure about this myself its just an idea not really proven but worth looking at to see if this idea holds more then just water

  12. @sschafi1 very true. one thing i have noticed in a real fight. you almost never want to have one hand or let go of the weapon at all. quick, fast, and precise attacks are the most effective in a modern day fight. shins, hand, waste, and neck, the easiest targets to hit fast and frequently. it will also make the fight end faster and your enemy will quit the fight due to many minor injury's instead of a few major ones

  13. yeh i agree. you can utilize the throws and "fancier spins" in real combat but the idea is to master is. a real master will have as much control of the staff when it's on the back of his wrist as when it is in the palm of his hand. However, it is also true that these techniques are counter-produtive in the hands of a beginner in combat.

  14. lol i just got a 6ft oak staff for christmas from a mate… never used one before… my shins have like 3 brusies allready and its only lunch time!! lol … merry christmas everyone 🙂

  15. You are the best teacher I have seen on youtube and in the dojos where I live. you just know how to communicate well and make all the moves understandable.

  16. I love "wrist spinning", but something I dont like is that it makes me feel like im off balance, and its harder to get back to defensive position after doing it. But its still a fun thing to do.

  17. the funny thing si that the tecnics he shows i have lerned them my self 😛 but not the offensive ones

  18. Problem with these bo staff videos is that a real bo staff is thicker and heavier than that little 5 foot steel one. Doing this with a real bo staff is WAAAAY harder.

  19. @hazza3 its not steel for one. and two, it's a competition bo, used for flash and looks for entertainment or competition purposes. of course it's going to be more difficult with a 6ft pole of solid, heavy, wood.

  20. @Shawshank1Gaming Ok, Plastic then. Then they should put Competitive in the title so people will know the difference between real Bo staff techniques and those ones for show.

  21. @hazza3 Wood, or fiber glass. I also completely agree, but idk if he can choose the title of the video because it is a community channel.

  22. @Shawshank1Gaming Its to solid to be made of wood that thin, it would have to be fiber glass, but it could still be a metal staff.

    I'm not sure how the who Youtube Channels work but Im guessing that the channel is shared by multiple parties.

  23. @Shawshank1Gaming His Bo is made out of graphite the only difference between wood and graphite is the extreme wheght loss when u transfer from hard wood to graphite like his… it makes your spins much faster when you use the graphite staff

  24. @sschafi1 wow wikipedia is rly helpfull 😉 jk jk for some people must be hard to believe, but i pratice karate and we have trained like 10 times in a gym with many sorts of weapons including bo staffs

  25. Nope.
    You would be hard pressed to do this with a staff on a swivel using a strong motor. The velocity of a fast arrow can be around 850 feet per second. Assuming a 3 foot arrow, that means it will pass through the plane of the spinning staff in .0035 second.
    The bo would have to be spinning at over 150 revolutions per second, or 9000 RPM. This is perhaps four times more RPM than an airplane propeller.
    No, no one did that by had with a simple wooden staff.

  26. In great respect. This is how its done.
    If you spin the stick, this man would own you as soon as you did.
    Hollywood loves the spins, but usually they leave you open to attack if your one on one in a stick fight.

    Not being negative here, just saying, spins are for hollywood mostly. Intimidation also, but the man in the video would not be intimidated, he'd just take the stick from you and smile.

  27. it's no all about fighting, you barbarian. being able to many of the 'flashy moves' are more of a demonstration of skill and prowess, they have mastered the use of their body, and have the utmost control. Like all martial arts, it's not all about fighting.

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