Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Techniques: Blocking

Blocking is essential, just like in any other
Martial Art. Now when it comes to blocking, all you’re going to do is you’re going to
move this hand down and this one to the side, bam, just like that. One; one more time. The
direction you’re blocking is going to be the same side, if you will, of the hand that will
slide up and down. Let me explain, I’m blocking with this one right here, with this side of
the stick, and therefore, this side of the hand, this arm is going to be the one sliding.
Same thing when I block in this side. So, one, two. Now down here, if I want to block
something coming around this area, three and this side, four. To block up, straight up;
to block down, down maybe moving up. So I’m going to go ahead and try blocking technique
combination here, but I want to emphasize in one thing. When you’re doing this with
a partner, you don’t want to go crazy. You want to take your time, do it slow as many
times as you need to and then, take a pace automatically. Do not try to take a pace by
yourself, speed will come with the training. But first most, you want to do it slowly.
I cannot emphasize that enough. You do not want to rush this technique, we’re going to
about to show you right now. Okay. Ready? What I’m doing here is I’m striking and then
we’re going to have Shry here block it. I’m going to first strike towards her left, then
towards her right, then lower left, lower right. Then I’m going to go ahead and swing
and hit with the back of my stick towards her head, then down lower towards her crouch.
It is essential that when you first do this, you do it in a very, very slow pace. You do
not rush anything and you do not, you do not hurt your opponent or your friend. You want
to be very gentle because this is a very crucial in order to avoid injury. The speed will come
naturally once you start preparing yourself a little bit better and when you start picking
it up faster. But you do not rush it, it will come to you.

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