Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Helicopter Spin Technique

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Alright, now
we’re going to be going over what’s called your helicopter spin. It’s going to look just
like this. Go all the way around and to the other side you’re going to switch hands. One
more time from this side – go all the way around, switch sides. Good. So all I’m doing
is doing my front spin. I’m just doing it above my head. I’m going through my fingers.
One, two, right above my head. So from the side angle it’s going to look this, okay?
So, as from here, I’m going to go up, put through my fingers, go above my head, spin
one time around, and that’s it. When I do it, it looks like I’m doing about three or
four spins, and I’m not, I’m just doing one spin. One, catch, bam, I’m going to switch
hands all the way to a pause. So from here, one, two, three. You could do your strikes,
switch sides. One, two, three. I’m going to do one more, come across, hold. Now from here
I’m going to grab between my two fingers, spin all the way above my head, all the way
to the other side, bam, catch. Or go all the way to a strike. So, once again, from here
all the way through the fingers, and all the way back around, just like that, right above
the head. So on this side, from putting it between the fingers go above the head, through
the fingers, helicopter spin and back down. So one, two, come back, one. Just practice
that. Good. So if you’ve got it, go into your front spins, go into your strikes, one, two,
helicopter spin and back. One, helicopter spin and back. That’s a good way to practice
it. Alright, and that is your helicopter spin.

42 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Bo Staff Helicopter Spin Technique

  1. lmao sadly there is no room in my place to do these xP

    Anywhere I go around here I could potentially break something. x_x

  2. why dont you practice outside in the garden or on the terrace of your house/apt maybe… bo staff i feel is the best thing to even exercise with, its auto yin yang… I have a heavy staff… dont get those graphite ones in India. I had mine made out of a hardwood… turned out to be heavy… but its FUN. And these videos rock… Thanks.

  3. Yeah, sometimes I wonder how practical spinning a bo with your fingers really is. Isn't it easy to disarm you if you spin it through the fingers?

  4. @maniacmadd

    Tell me about it. I have a tapered, solid wood bo staff. It's got some weight to it and I've nearly hit my head with that wrist technique.

  5. Technique is highly overrated. In order to truly become good at martial arts, you must train with a person who is actually trying to hit you (but in slow motion at first)

  6. well, I'm very amateur with this stuff so I can tell all the people who wanna learn, but don't have the money to buy a bo staff, that you use a mop stick (without the mop, of course) or a broomstick, is light but hard enough to do actual damage, so it's a good starter (I like doing the "over the arm" motion, similar to the nunchuk one).

    If you do use a mop/broom stick, it's actually a Jo staff, which has almost the sames techs as a Bo staff, it's shorter but easier to use

  7. i prefer training with a thicker heavier staff to increase my speed when i get a lighter more flexible staff in my hands. this might be frowned upon by some but it works for me. i love the pyc idea. my training staff is a black walnut curtain rod from home depot. 6' long and 1 1/2" thick. like i said, its heavy and thick, but youll notice a huge difference in speed and power when you pick up some thing lighter. and you'll be able to maintain control better too.

  8. @TuahShinguru He's teaching it for sake of faster, lighter spinning for use with a competition staff. Of course it serves no applicable purpose if you're using a thicker, heavier hardwood staff for fighting (unless you're doing a spin to build up momentum for a strike) but I have concluded this point: the lighter the staff, the sloppier the techniques can become.

  9. you should do the whole attack in onf fast motion. But I liked it because it gives me something to do:)

  10. Often the kata is both a measurement of skill in handling as well as an art form. Remember, there are many layers to a martial art. That is to say, it is more than just for fighting or defending. To add to this, the spinning demonstration before a fight can intimidate the opponent if not to back down but to provide a mental advantage.

  11. For all those who are wondering the "point" of all these spinning flashiness, its for the distraction of your opponent, because if your fighting a guy a 6 foot pole around faster than your eye's can keep up with, you will never know when he will strike, its not fancy just the way of the "bo"

  12. It look cools and your technique is very smooth. Nice bo as well, although I think I prefer a thicker, heavier one.
    On the the subject of "It only looks like I'm doing more spins", no it doesn't just look it, you are obviously doing more than one rotation in the fast version.

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