Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Basic Bo Staff Strikes

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village, and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Alright, so
now that we know how to hold the bo, let’s go ahead and go over our basic strikes. So
one of our strikes is going to be, make sure you hold it up, it’s going to be real simple.
You’re going to go in your left armpit if you’re right-handed. Left one, two strike,
three, and then come back around. One, two, three. As I do it, you’re going to go all
the way in your armpit. Try to hold the bo so it’s level. One, these are all head shots,
two, come across, head shot, three, right underneath the chin, string it back over.
So, one, two, three, and as you do it just practice it one, two, three, one, two, three.
Start getting a little faster and faster with it so it’ll look like…Okay? These are going
to be your basic strikes, all head level. One, two, three, just as if you were pointing
a gun or you were going to shoot your bo straight across. So one, and cross, two, come back
up three. One, two, three. These are going to be your basic chops, then you can start
switching up. You can do switches like that, and then come across. But those three right
there are going to be your most basic chops for your beginning bo, and then you’re going
to learn as we go through the series how to put more of them together.

61 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Basic Bo Staff Strikes

  1. Before I could do number 1 to 2 I figured out a harder way actually. Instead of going up and spin and land as number 2. I went down and spun more than going up. Weird…

  2. @WorldOfIvillis for the record mate, I think angel is Belgian, but either way they have no reason to insult an american for knowing bojutsu, it's disgusting that people are so intolerant as to believe that one civilian from our country that probably was a child, if even born, had anything to do with what the government did in a time of war. I also like that you mentioned that it wasn't originally Japanese XD great comeback mate.

  3. @manoffewhomes idk if it's sarcasm or what it is.. but. idk…………….. I don't like racist people…… The bow staff is in wushu kung fu I'm pretty sure and martial arts began in China or India one of the 2 anyway the Japanese KARATE wasn't even originated in Japan. They were originally told from India where the prince or so was seeing the movements of the 'animals'. As I am Korean it's hard not to look angry towards Japanese people but I do try but these people really make it hard.

  4. @WorldOfIvillis I've heard some myths about where it originated, I personally view it as an art and a discipline of the mind, so to me it doesn't matter where it started because it's forever changing and should forever be changing because there will always be people trying new things. I'm glad you are one of the few that aren't elitist

  5. @manoffewhomes Do you do any martial arts? I do Itf tkd. One day I wish I can learn Muythai and tekkyun.

  6. @WorldOfIvillis Not officially, but I am trying to teach myself how to use a bo, and I wish to one day become proficient with the Bo, Nunchaku and sanjiegun.

  7. @manoffewhomes Oh, my friend has one of those… He left for the army though…. So we won't be seeing him for awhile.

  8. @WorldOfIvillis Like I said man, I just started learning to use my staff. and I'm looking for a pair of nunchucks to learn with…..How long have you been training?

  9. @manoffewhomes A couple years or so with the weapons. I never really got into them you know? After awhile unless you can do tricks its just the same thing over and over so…… Nowadays people use weapons more for show than practical use.

  10. @WorldOfIvillis Ahh that's pretty interesting though man, I would love have some professional training.

  11. @manoffewhomes From your profile video I think you're doing pretty good. It just seems a little awkward that you stand up when you do things. Make like a front stance if you try to do a strike of some sort or any and you can stand when you do figure eight.. Try to mix the things you learn. This guy in expertvillage does it a little more pretty looking then practically but it's close. If you can also try to learn how to alternate 8's. It starts to look cool from there haha.

  12. @WorldOfIvillis Alright man, thank you very much. I will try..and I'm working pretty hard with learning the basics

  13. Flashy? Yes. Traditional and practical? Not at all. If you were to miss you would basically smack yourself in the rips. And try doing that with a wooden Bo, not some XMA plastic stick.

  14. Ok look on his left shoulder its a Korean flag. The commen martial art of the Koreans is Tang Soo Do(Doh) at witch I am black belt first dan. So just to point out it out it IS traditional and that staff is most likely Graphite with a coating but admittedly it is hard to tell.

  15. i love your teaching i have been searching for someone who can be patient and actually walk me through the technique.

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