Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Around the Neck Bo Staff Techniques

Hi, my name is Caleb Labarda. I’m here with
Expert Village and today I’m going to be going over beginning bo staff. Alright. So now the
next move we are going to be going over is called around the neck. This is a pretty cool,
fancy move. Just take your bo, make sure you’re holding it properly, right hand up, left hand
down. You’re going to actually flip it around, right hand down. You’re going to throw it
around the neck and catch. You’re going to do it straight up, you go behind the back,
toss it, down. So there’s two different ways to go around your neck. So I’m going to show
you. So the first way, this is the most easiest, take your hand, hold it a little bit away
from the middle. So about hand length and a little bit more away from the middle. About
two hand lengths away from the middle. Alright? So now, you’re going to take it with your
right hand, go to the opposite side of your body. Put it on your neck, so now you’ve got
it all the way up and just let it roll over. Your other hand is going to come across and
grab the bo just like this. Come across just like that. And you can do it back, one, two
and grab. And when you do it, instead of bending over, start sitting up more and more. See
down? So then, as you do it, start doing it higher and higher instead of bending over.
So from here I go over, there you go, back and I start sitting up. And then soon, you’re
going to start swinging it to where you don’t have to bend over anymore when it goes fast.
Now the other way you can do it, is after a spin, you can stop just like you’re holding
a pencil. You want to hold it like this and you’re just going to toss it around your neck.
You have to keep it going. So from above your head, all the way around your neck. And that’s
going to be around your neck. So you can do your chops, go above your head, all the way
around the neck to a pause or into another strike. Alright? And that’s how you’re going
to be doing around the neck.

37 thoughts on “Martial Art Bo Staff Techniques : Around the Neck Bo Staff Techniques

  1. Heh, I only do Judo as a martial arts but I like playing with a staff now and then…

    now I'm lying to myself I do it all the time lol 😀

    This is awesome by the way, gonna try that move with my heavy as hell ex-garden rake… Heh.

  2. errm… that bo mst be light if he can hold it like a pencil………………. anyay, guess what? no point to this technique either…

  3. @5tormlord there is a point to spinning it around your neck if you miss your enemy say he ducks out of the way you keep the momentum going around your neck to come in with another strike I'm still learning but if this is all so useless please make a video to show us all how it's done, I won't hold my breath

  4. Stupid question, but in which martial art is the bo staff used? I used to do judo & jui jitsu, and we used some staffs in judo, but I KNOW they weren't bo staffs.

  5. @Fr3Akles If you are hurting yourself with the staff, that just means you are heading the right direction.

  6. @5T0RML0RD It's called a toothpick bo. They are made to be lighter and easier to use while doing forms, demos, and techniques like this one.

  7. he might be talking about this particular technique like he might think its style over substance though i can see this around the neck spin coming off into an attack even if its not a proper one… thought i think "proper" doesnt matter once they get knocked out xD

  8. Yeaaaah i think im like the only one here who came to this video is to twirl an axe like abraham lincoln :p

  9. Great skill level and personality. If you could just slow down and relax while instructing it would make a big difference.

  10. i tried one of these graphite bo's like hes using. i sent it straight back theyre waaay too light. just dosent feel as awesome to spin when theres no weight.

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