Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Tai Chi: White Crane Spreads Its Wings

Okay single whip into white crane spreads
its wings. This again has a transitional movement which has a lot of martial possibilities and
then the actual white crane spreads its wings apart so I will divide this up into two parts
so moving from single whip to white crane so I am going to hook underneath it will be
an attack to the bladder or the kidney depending on where you hit the person but definitely
catching the arm here, stepping in to the opponent and then while still controlling
his arm I am going to bring my arm up into the opponent at the same time as I bring the
other one down across here. Basically you will be leaving your opponent completely unable
to move, an arm bar controlling the neck.

21 thoughts on “Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Tai Chi: White Crane Spreads Its Wings

  1. Looks interesting but please:

    -Increase video volume
    -Demonstrate facing the camera
    -Have an assistant that looks interested

    Other than that, I liked.

  2. You shouldn't show applications out of another posture such as Single Whip. When are you ever going to be in single whip in a self defence situation?
    The attack should be thrown faster, he should demonstrate the technique a second time at full speed.

  3. yieldingbamboo, I think you missed my point. I wasn't saying Single Whip couldn't be applied. In fact, Single Whip is one of my favorite applications from TC. The problem with this video is that the demonstrator has a slow, unconvincing punch thrown while he is in single whip posture.
    In a real situation, you are going to be in a guard or neutral stance, not a Taiji pose, and he should've kept that in mind while making this. The fact he doesn't do the app quick a 2nd time is also suspect.

  4. @Azeron1 It's a demo. At full speed he could do some major damage. Not what I would do but it's interesting in it's conception.

  5. at first i thought this was a different form but now i realized this is complete bs im a qualified practicioner in tai chi chuan and he did this completely wrong

  6. This man in his Steve Erwin outfit:
    Woooh, look at that:
    A "blue whatever" in this jungle!!!
    I am going to do some thai chi!!
    This is a nice way to defend yourself against "whatever", and get a beautiful blue eye at frame 1:10
    Auch, he did me.
    But look at that…. he gave me some blue on my eye!!!

    Triiiiinnnngggg!!! Triiiiinnnngggg!!! Oh, Just a moment, I got a call coming in….

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