Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Tai Chi: Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

Ok, still within Tai Chi beginning, we’re
going to move in to the Buddha’s Attendant Pounds Mortar. I’m just going to move into
Buddha’s Attendant Pounds Mortar and I’ll show you some of the applications for that.
So from here, right foot comes up, right hand comes up, right hand and right leg come up,
and stomping. If you can come in. So I’m going to be keeping the opponent at bay with this
hand. This is a peng energy in here, which is keeping the opponent away. At the same
time as this – you can do anything you want with your hands – this hand is going to come
up, brushing the opponent. Again controlling, this hand is controlling, keeping the opponent
at bay, eventually striking the bottom of his chin. Again, this isn’t necessarily supposed
to be a painful or a powerful strike here, just to control his movements, to keep him
where I want him. So the right hand is going to come up potentially striking the bladder,
knocking the hand out of the way, coming down. So now you can come in again as if you were
– so I’m coming up here – and come in close as if you were going to attack. And this hand
is going to come down, strike here, and I would be crushing his toes with my foot as
I come down.

6 thoughts on “Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Tai Chi: Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar

  1. well…i hope and pray whoever attacks this guy on the street punches really slow and stands there with his/her arm extended in order for those slow-ass "applications" to work.

  2. I think all his videos are crap. But I don't think it's entirely his fault. It could be his teacher. I don't think his teacher learned tai chi from any instructor in the Yang family. Mine did. My advice would be to seek out the Yang family. Their history traces directly back to Yang Luchan (The Unsurpassable Yang) who learned it directly from Chen Zhangxing. Anything other than the Yang family's style is watered down. Buy the book by Fu Zhongwen.

  3. This is not the Chen style application? It should be used against a press surely… the left hand seperates moving the attackers arm to the side and the other should be coiling around the outside of the other arm to lock it, also pinning the first in place.

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