Martial Art Applications for Tai Chi : Chen Style Tai Chi: Part 1

So first we’re going to go to the beginning
of the Tai Chi form, Chen style Tai Chi, 18-movement form. And I’ll quickly demonstrate a movement
and I’ll have an assistant come, and we’ll give some ideas as to how these movements
can be applied. Again, these are just suggestions, they are not necessarily the only – certainly
not the only application possibilities for any of these movements. And it’s generally
stated in Tai Chi that you shouldn’t focus too much on your application because – certainly
not on single applications for any form because it will tend to take one’s mind off of the
number of possibilities for each form. So eventually, a practitioner would want to be
able to be completely free in their use of the form, and not limited to any single application
or any idea of an application. So, Tai Chi beginning form. So now I’ll have my assistant.
You come in and grab my shirt. So this is just one possibility for this movement. If
you can bring – put your hands back up. So I can stick to the opponent’s arms and come
down on top of his hands, controlling him throughout.

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