Marine Corps Martial Arts | Boot Camp

My name is Staff Sgt. Kahl, senior
drill instructor for platoon 1030, Bravo Company, 1st
Recruit Training Battalion. So today, the recruits are going to be learning
some chokes as well as counters to chokes, to include the rear choke, figure-four variation,
counter to the front choke, counter to the bear hug. This is going to allow recruits to
better themselves not only physically, a lot of these recruits have never been
in any type of physical engagement. So, it’s gonna develop that
confidence that they need to handle any situation
that they come through with. It allows for them, just in addition, to lay
the foundation for follow on training. It starts here recruit training with the tan belt, but as they begin to their secondary schools
and they hit the fleet Marine force they’ll be able to build on the skills they learn here.

29 thoughts on “Marine Corps Martial Arts | Boot Camp

  1. I'm interested in being really good at martial arts.

    Hopefully when I go to boot camp and finish it I can fight in the UFC for the Marine Corps after my active duty!

  2. I always respect and always have an interest in martial arts, the Marine Corps
    Martial Arts motto is one mind any weapon, I love that, semper fi

  3. you guys must read book by author Norman Mailer "Naked and the dead". this book about war in the pacific with japans.

  4. @ fat chungus and patrick the star.///Look iv had a ruff life and ppl have always put me down cuz i wanna serv my country. The second i found out about 911 i wanted to be a marine and kill for my country because i want to help proov the power of the u.s and noone can tell me that i cant be a marine noone so say it all you want but just know that i will kill for my country and give my best to this country hell i hope it dont come to it but i i was ordered to kill my self or my mother i would do it cuz i love this country more then i do my self or my own fucking mother

  5. It's the motherfuckin Bravo Nation. Graduated last cycle with them SSGT Kahl was the drill hat for another platoon but we wrote down all the funny shit he said over the cycle

  6. This is bs I’ve seen 5 seconds and I already see the recruits wearing their gloves we didn’t wear them they were issued to us then stowed away for the rest of boot we punched bags till our knuckles bled this is bs they only are wearing those for the cameras

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