Tap the bell icon on the YouTube app And never miss out on unique stories from 101 India When I step into the ring, I first remember
my guru And once I step in, I’ve decided that I have
to win I have to make my parents and my village proud I have to win. There’s nothing else My elder brother started boxing Looking at him, I wanted to learn too At first, when I asked my parents if I could
learn too My mother was afraid that I would get punched And ruin my face But my father said it was fine Soon, other girls also started joining That’s when my mother gained the confidence
to let me do this I’ve been boxing for 9 years now I had never imagined that I could be the World
Champion some day It’s only after I won that I realised I could
do it She won Gold at the Junior World Championship
in Taiwan Till she won the World Championship She had never lost a single bout When I became the World Champion,
more girls started joining the academy Now that I’ve had the chance to go abroad Parents of the other girls also feel like
their daughters will have a chance to do the same The Boxing Academy has brought about
a huge change in the lives of these girls Not just the girls, even their mothers Now want to see their daughters achieve something
great The first time she went out to compete She came back victorious She’s made us, the village
and the whole country proud It makes me very happy She’s always helped out with the housework Even after winning a medal She helps around the house,
finishes her studies Mary Kom has been my inspiration Because she’s made the country proud
by winning an Olympic medal In 2017, I’ve won the Junior World Championship The Youth World Championship is next After that, the Asian Games are my next goal I want to train hard, and some day
win an Olympic medal for India

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