Lunyakov Brown Belt (Ronin Family / RDA BJJ)

Our academy is called Ronin family for a reason. Family means that the people who surround you here will always be close to you. Receiving a brown belt was a big step for me, and I wanted my closest person to present here. Person thanks to whom, metaphorically speaking, this academy and brown belt Igor Lunyakov exist. I wanted my mom to be proud of me. It’s really interesting in here. I have never been here before, I only saw videos and heard some stories. As soon as Igor invited me I couldn’t say no. What really important is that since I stated training bjj I saw a a good deal of people who achieved a lot in Russian competitive bjj and grappling scene. They had a lot of medals, everybody knew them, but at some moment they just stopped training, moved on to something different, sometimes not even sport related. I understand that everyone has his own path. That the main thing for me is it’s not that important if u won that medal or not, It’s not that important if you think you good enough for your belt or not. What important is never give in, continuing to play until the end, no matter what problems (physical or mental) you face, continuing to improve your game! I think I pulled my ankle.

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