Luktupfah Gym Muaythai & Martial Arts Academy

At this time, we train here for SEA Games. SEA Games is like Olympic Games for South East Asia. This the first time that Muaythai is represented at SEA Games. Indonesian Team trains in Luktupfah Muaythai Camp to upgrade its level. Indonesian team … I think they haven’t good skill yet. They doesn’t know to give a middle kick, high kick neither fist correctly. In muay thai if you don’t have basics technics, you can’t fight. What i see about indonesian team, for the most part, they don’t yet have the skills They need basics technics first. Their middle kicks aren’t nice. In muay thai, we need 4 years of learning and training to be a fighter. When my dad was around 20 years old, him and two other guys went to england and started teaching muay thai. They were one of the first people to bring muay thai into the western world. Since then, one of them went to america, and my dad taught all over the world. He did seminars everywhere, all over the world. He’s got quite a big name in muay thai.. He also works now for the government, Thailand sports authority. and helping promote muay thai, he does the world championships every year and he is vice president of WMF World Muay Thai Federation. So he does a lot for muay thai ! MBK fight night is a muay thai promotion which happens every wednesday outside MBK. Which is a shopping mall in the centre of Bangkok. For all fighters to just go there and basically for experience building or for people who haven’t fought for a while and want to get back into it so females can fight there anyone over the age of 15 can fight there, heavy weights can fight there. first fight fighters can fight there, so a big variety of people can fight there, and it’s free to watch so it helps promote muay thai for the country, it’s good for people to go and watch fights if they don’t really understand whats going on in muay thai.

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