well we are doing our objective, and correcting things from the last fight that wont happen in this rematch and looking for the best for me and my team Well my diet and different training that im not doing. Along with weights, physical therapy with yucca and other types of training Alot of greens, ALOT of greens and protein Yeah alot of salad No never. I wasnt born here I was born in Cuba and its very different over there. I was from the mountains im used to eating animals YES! Alot! Alot of things happened in camp and in the fight and even in the hours before the fight. Theres no excuses, it wont happen like last time I have one of the best physical trainers and therapist and my trainer is 100% on me My condition is 100%. I know for a fact that I wont gas out the night of the fight Everything! Wilder knows and if hes not prepared or taking me seriously hes in big trouble Naw I saw that there were mistakes I made in the fight and what I have done is strengthen my preparation so I dont repeat that and await nov 23 to be world champion & realize my dream Everything that just wasnt my night I just want to show the world that I am better and the best Im going to fight this fight differently. When the bell sounds on Nov 23 I will be the difference and do everything that i have done in my whole life i will do that night I dont believe that and he doesnt either. Thats hes gonna knock me out just like that…if he knocks me out like that I’ll leave boxing I respect Wilder alot. As a person and he says the same thing also. Its nothing personal its a sport and we want to reach the highest levels because the whole world knows the first fight wasnt going his way and I want it back. For me hes the most dangerous boxer in the world because every punch is like a boulder from all sides and he knows thats the same for me as well because I dont mess around in the ring yeah he can hit! he can hit because he has 40 fights and 40 knockouts. Hes a boxer that you cant get over confident with Well he has his confidence in him but I do as well and thats what happens when 2 trains come at each other thats what will happen on Nov 23rd. The most intelligent one will win that night Winning the fight, the whole heavyweight division knows that King Kong is here and they have the biggest problem of the century on their hands For me, its the dream, the goal, the dream of every boxer to be a world champion. its been my dream since I got here to the US. Accomplish it and also help my daughter Those plans they have, they are trembling have those plans because this fight wont be easy No im focused on this fight. Im not interested in what comes. Having a title , they will have to come and see me if they want to be the champion. if not they can keep fighting who they have been fighting I dont know, the people has the most say with who I would make the best fights with but im here for that and fight with who the people want me to fight its at home my costume is with my kids. Well they have their costumes. They always choose what they want to wear. Like a princess or a witch No no no, I just go and take them to go and get candies Yeah with my face thats my halloween costume


  1. Well that rematch doesnt matter since wilder has to legally go to fury before fighting anyone. He signed on the dotted line and now cant do shit without furys permission.

  2. Wilder had the flu in the first fight though lol, plus that was way before he started training super technical. Ortiz is my 2nd favorite heavyweight and I believe he beats everyone else, but it's gonna be an early night. We're talking prime Wilder now.

  3. I believe he won’t gas he got Larry Wade on his side one of the best strength and conditioning coaches but still getting knocked out in 4 rounds Oldtiz

  4. He didn't gas the first fight that's just an excuse he was literally bouncing around on his toes then tried to pressure Wilder and got caught with a counter lol

  5. Much love and respect for Ortiz! He will put up a great fight vs Wilder he will do good and push Wilder in the beginning but I got Wilder by K.O in the 6th round 💯💯💯🥊🥊💯

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if wilder blasts this guy out in first 3 to 6 rounds. I've seen ortiz enough times he never looked particularly full of energy later in fights and I doubt all of sudden he found the fountain of youth. I'd say wilder blasts him out in the first 6 rounds.

  7. This genius Ortiz Passed on how many MILLIONS 💰 to Fight Joshua again ????? Who manages these Cubans ??? Like Rigo whatever happened to him ??? Became irrelevant after he left top Rank !!!!

  8. No one asked for this fight and it's obvious Ortiz is coming for a paycheck for one last fight. This is why boxing is dying and MMA is growing. I mean can u imagine two journeymen in the UFC with double digit losses outsell the greatest draw in boxing, Canelo Alvarez? Bcos MMA gives the fans the fights they need but not boxing. Boxing is all abt politics now. Fuck that.

  9. And Ortiz would have gotten away with taking EPO if it weren't for those meddling kids and that stupid dog! 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Really nice interview, thanks for the effort to make questions in spanish to… lets go King kong ortiz!!

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