Logan Paul’s Boxing Documentary Is Worse Than You Can Imagine

Most of you probably know about ksi vs Logan Paul the second fight where two behemoths of YouTube basically did get out in a very crunchy way Probably all saw the press conferences and those are horrible as well It was clear that there was pretty much no work put into the jokes recently both ksi and Logan Paul have been training for this highly publicized event and Logan Paul being the absolutely professional director and filmmaker he has decided to release documentary on it and well as he can expect from airplane mode and other movies, he’s Starting it’s absolutely horrible Before we get into the video be sure to subscribe like and follow my Instagram notes not whitey without further ado Let’s get right into it the documentary starts off with ksi and Logan Paul fighting with a ton of baby oil on them Like I swear to god they legit look like they just took a bath in the Niagara River we then get a terrible montage with enough flashes to give anyone in epilepsy and After that, we see a young Logan Paul picking up a camera and the de-aging is okay I mean, but they explain Oh look and Paul and Jake Paul played sports and I swear we are two minutes in and it feels like I’ve been watching for The last like hour or two it is so so boring after that We then cut to the actual documentary with a title card and then we see footage of Logan Paul jabbing doing stupid stuff To give anyone in HD. I also loved how he decided to gracefully flex his views on us Nice to know that despite his success Logan Paul meant to stay humble and just an incredible person Oh, and he also plugs his emerge and the music choices. This is atrocious like I swear it’s legit made my ears bleed out like I’m not even kidding and after this it’s so hard to focus on the documentary because there’s always some random guy talking or just Logan Paul and doing something stupid and it’s just so dumb Jake Paul is constantly talking throughout the entire documentary at least up to this point and It’s really not funny We then see the evolution of Logan Paul as he slowly slowly gets better At YouTube and gets more and more views and I mean, I guess he had to show his rise to success. Otherwise Like it just wouldn’t make sense. And then finally we get what we all waited for The suicide forest. The suicide forest was a big thing for Logan and there’s no doubt about that But I just think it’s really dumb that he would spend about 30 minutes of the actual documentary talking about it Like I’m not even kidding. It takes so long to get over it. We see so many different opinions Over the Logan Paul suicide forest thing. Oh, and we also see Different opinions and news backlash and you kirisaki about it including ben shapiro casey neistat and of course our hero lilly singh Honestly, I wish that Lilly Singh would have focused on her late night show instead of focusing on Logan Paul’s controversies Then we see PPP and others talk about it, finally We see the mean we have all been waiting for and it’s the apology. Y’all know how it goes. I made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment the default it goes on for a little bit and It’s kind of sad though, and I’m really sad about this We think it see the garbage original apology which makes me very very upset with myself we then go to a very very terrible showcase of hate comments I’m pretty sure Logan Paul probably created most of these accounts before the documentary like these sneak comments are so Unnatural one of them is just like your hairline looks like it’s a school shooter hairline Like I mean I get that some of the people are pretty mean but I mean this is like messed up. Oh and also Logan Paul some of the some of these comments kind of make sense because one of the comments is literally like tacos or something and That you could tell that their Logan Paul fans because they’re all nine years old So they get comments go on for a little bit and you can tell that Logan Paul probably faked this entire hate comment scene It’s just so repetitive by the way like we’re talking about 15 minutes straight of Logan Paul dealing with backlash for this event and yes, there was a lot of backlash agreed but I mean if we’re gonna continually Continually just showcase the exact same backlash over and over again It gets a little bit boring after a while, but I do have to give Logan Paul props with this one thing I do kind of like these hate comments and they really did give me a little bit of a chuckle if That’s what he was going for and this which I’m pretty sure it’s not like these these hate comments are so funny Oh and then getting back on track We then see Logan Paul flex on the viewers again because he continuously says that he gets a lot of views besides everything like I mean You would think that if you were a very big youtuber and you screwed up big-time And it’s one of the biggest controversies on YouTube. You would try to be a little bit more You know, what was that word again? Oh, yeah humble by the way after this We just see that Logan Paul acting like the underdog throughout this entire documentary like he tried so hard to showcase himself as lower than the kid side and It’s really dumb because last year he was insulting ksi so much this year he’s trying to act like he’s the good guy in case sighs the bad guy which it just isn’t a good idea for you to do that because But if you lose and you mess up and you say something bad again It’s just gonna all go back on you in case I were to mess up and lose nothing will happen Oh and this is so repetitive and if Logan Paul is just gonna showcase himself as someone who changed over time He shouldn’t be just showing hate because he’s just begging for a pyrocynical video on him we then see after that his brother Jake Moore and his brother basically says that Logan was super depressed which to be honest I can believe imagine dealing with that much heat on the Internet and it would make me personally really sad Although luck Nepal is living in a multi-million dollar mansion, so I don’t really know Also Logan really never gets you to laugh except for those hate comments None of this stuff is funny. And I know that it’s trying to be funny from time to time because you just flexing at the time and showing that you’re the underdog the other half of the time and it’s just It’s just not good. Oh and then after that we see Finally what we were all waiting for his dad. His dad is pretty messed up I’m sure most of you know that if you know about his dad at all like his dad’s been responsible for a lot of controversy just as much as Logan Paul to be honest, and this isn’t something to joke about His dad has done some pretty Fucked-up things and his parents are divorced Just so you know that and his mom does kind of just the dad a little bit which I found kind of funny But I mean, it’s not that funny and then we finally get one more last merch plug It’s nice to know that he’s always plugging the Maverick merch and literally every single time we see Logan besides when he’s a kid He’s wearing maverick merch. Oh And I forgot to mention this earlier. We keep getting this maverick media Company and how frightening is it that Logan Paul actually has his own company Like I’m pretty sure that would send shivers down most of our spines because have you ever decides to copy strike? Some of these videos about him like it would be maverick media which I would find kind of funny Oh and then we finally get to the boxing fight and when it comes to the boxing fight We all know how it went down. We see case. I didn’t Joe Weller and I mean that was actually played out really well I liked our every fight sequence that’s in this movie is in slow motion and the cinematography for those scenes, especially It’s actually pretty decent we see if people hate comments Then we see Logan Paul accepting the challenge that case I set out for him during that battle and we see Tons of reputable news companies reviewing it such as drama and comedy shorts keeper Like I don’t get who decided to write the script for this Documentary that they bought that comedyshortsgamer and drama with the best news media outlets They could find for this video and then we see Jake Challenging jeggi to a fight and we all knew how that went down Not great – he lost obviously, but well there’s a big slow-mo action sequence between Jake and edgy and then a little bit between logan and case I and it’s just Not good Like all of the training sequences you can basically skip by because it’s the same thing over and over again with the same dialogue Repeated over and over again. Yes logan ball is getting ready for the fight We get that you don’t have to restate that over and over again until you make our eardrums bleed out and then we finally see The fight we were all waiting for lucy ksi and logan paul fight and we see them the entire thing But it’s just like re-watching the same thing in slow-motion like at some points you should have slow motion in the fights because it’s a big part of this scene, but Another point, you should only have a little bit of slow motion. Not the entire scene in slow motion like otherwise It seems like it’s a fifteen minute long fight And then we finally see Logan getting made for no more and then him training for the second fight And there’s like two minutes of the next light which is what you would probably want to focus on since that’s the fight coming up Overall thoughts on this documentary very very bad. I have to be honest. The cinematography is decent I didn’t hate the movie necessarily but it’s just really sad that despite all the controversies Logan Is he never learns humility? another thing He never learns is that He’s not the underdog He has messed up way more than anybody else and they act like the only controversy they showcase is the suicide forest Controversy, and yes, it’s a gigantic controversy, but it’s not the only controversy you should focus on it’s one of them But it’s not the only controversy like you’re telling me that Logan has never been involved in anything and we never seen much of Jake’s controversies either and they also act like Jake’s really mature and If you ever want to take before, he’s not when you see a lot of Jake But we don’t really see that much of Logan’s commentary over it because the whole documentaries just surrounded by Logan There’s a lot of merge plugs and there’s a lot of flexes on subscribers and views and a multimillion-dollar mansion But overall thoughts on the documentary would not recommend That’s not that’s gonna be a note for me chief if you guys like these styles of videos be sure to hit the like button, right and all right, so Most of you are probably gone but I realized that I’m probably uploading this after the fight happened. So yeah, kiss I kind of won which Wasn’t too surprising I was kind of voting for him. But I mean, yeah kiss I won so Logan Paul was technically the underdog I mean I hope that both of them go on to do other things. They both did really well. It was a very close fight Congrats and Yeah, hit that like button subscribe and follow my Instagram ilk star whitey

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