Logan Paul & KSI’s Boxing Match Ends In Draw After 6 Rounds & Fans Are Pissed – Daily News

KSI & Logan Paul squared off inside the middle of a boxing ring resulting in a draw! Read all the furious fan reactions here!    After six months (which is an eternity online) KSI, 25, and Logan Paul, 23, left YouTube behind, as these two Internet celebrities stepped in the ring inside of Manchester Arena After trading barbs and diss tracks, the two actually traded punches in their highly anticipated Aug 25 fight. Logan started off the first few rounds, while KSI finished strong. As a result, the two literally tied as the match turned out to be a draw  Anti-climactic? You bet. One person tweeted, “Serious questions about that being rigged #KSIvLogan ” Another wrote, “#KSIvLogan #WTAF a draw!!! Rematch.” Another Twitter user lamented, “I’ve wasted 3 hours for it to be a majority draw #KSIvLogan ”    So, there you have it. That was a fight more than half-a-year in the making It will go down in history as less of a boxing match and more of a questionable money-making stunt straight out of the twisted fever dreams of WWE’s Vince McMahon The seeds of the fight were first planted when Logan became the most hated man on YouTube after his notorious vlog from Japan’s Aokiaghara Forest, which featured footage of a dead man’s body Shortly after, KSI fought fellow YouTube creator, Joe Weller, in a match that got 20 million views, according to Polygon After winning, KSI challenged Logan and Jake Paul to a fight.  At first, the Pauls declined (and suggested KSI fight their dad instead), but over a month after the initial challenge, a lot of drama went down: Deji, KSI’s younger brother, called out Jake Paul; Jake met Deji at a local park with boxing gloves and insults; and KSI confronted Logan at a gym On March 18, the fight was made official. What followed after that was months of insults that only hyped up the fight, leading to a pair of diss tracks (one from KSI, the other from Logan) being released in the final two weeks ahead of the scheduled bout If KSI vs. Logan wasn’t enough, the undercard featured Jake taking on Deji, just to make it a total family versus family feud Jake ended up winning that bout! KSI obviously won, it wasn’t even close to a draw#KSIvLogan  — LimegreenHunk 24 (@Limegreenhulk24) August 25, 2018    No matter whose hand was raised at the end of this fight or how long the match would go, both KSI and Logan were going to walk away as winners The revenue from all the YouTube videos leading up to this fight, plus the $10 fee to watch it, meant that these men were set to make millions off their followers (and those whose morbid curiosity led them to shell out the ten bucks to watch this circus ) The question now is – will there be a rematch? More importantly — is this really the end, or is actually just the beginning of the shade, diss tracks and trash talk between these four?

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