Local martial arts instructors host free self-defense class for women

AROUND THE COUNTRY ARE HEADING BACK TO SCHOOL — A LOCAL MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR IS LOOKING TO TEACH THEM SOME SKILLS THEY MAY NOT GET IN THE CLASS ROOM. IN A STORY YOU’LL ONLY SEE HERE. K-S-N-T NEWS REPORTER REINA GARCIA IS LIVE IN SOUTH TOPEKA TO TELL US HOW THESE SKILLS CAN KEEP THEM SAFE IN LIFE- THREATING SITUATIONS.HANNAH — SELF DEFENSE TRAINING IS SOMETHING THAT STUDENTS MAY WANT TO START ADDING TO THEIR BACK TO SCHOOL LIST. BUT STUDENTS AREN’T THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM LEARNING THESE SKILLS. HERE AT MASTER OVERBY’S — WOMEN OF ALL AGES LEARNED SOME TECHNIQUES THAT CAN HELP KEEP THEM SAFE WHEN FACING A POTENTIAL THREAT. nat KRISTINIA HERNANDEZ IS A STUDENT AT WASHBURN UNIVERSITY. “it’s an open campus, so there are like streets surrounding and a lot of people just come on in on the campus and you don’t know if they’re a student or if they’re just trying to start trouble with you.” HER MOM KIM PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED A SELF DEFENSE CLASS — AND THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA FOR TO KRISTINA TO LEARN SOME OF THE SKILLS AS WELL. “with her being on campus, I always worry about her and making sure that she’s safe coming out of Garvey at ten o’clock at night. So, I made her come with me this time.” PARTICIPANTS LEARNED ABOUT THE MOST COMMON ATTACKS WOMEN FACE, HOW TO ESCAPE THEM AND HOW TO FIGHT BACK. nat MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR PATRICK OVERBY SAYS KNOWING HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF IS SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM. “knowledge is power, so just being aware that there are skills you can easily pick up and you know, being proactive, you can dramatically increase your odds of being safe.” AFTER WHAT SHE LEARNED TODAY — KRISTINA SAYS SHE FEELS MORE PREPARED HEADING BACK TO CAMPUS. “it does definitely make me feel more confident, not even just for the school year, but for the rest of my life. I just want to keep coming to these.” BECAUSE OF THAT — HER MOM SAYS SHE’S LEAVING THE CLASS MORE AT EASE. “you’re always worried. Where are they at? You know, who are they around? Is there any bad people around or if it’s in a bad area or rough area or something like that. But at least if she has these skills, she’ll know how to protect herself.”ONE OF THE COOL THINGS ABOUT THIS CLASS IS THAT THESE ARE TECHNIQUES THAT ANYONE CAN DO — AND THEY’RE EASY TO REMEMBER. SO WHETHER YOU’RE IN SCHOOL, OUT OF SCHOOL OR EVEN RETIRED — THEY’RE EASY TO LEARN AND MOST IMPORTANTLY CAN HELP KEEP YOU SAFE. LIVE IN SOUTH TOPEKA — REINA GARCIA , KSNT NEWS.

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