Local Karate instructor uses martial arts to help stop bullying

Kobra is National Bullying Prevention Month and according to reports more than 28% of US students have experienced some type of bullying roland rodriguez joins us live from club estates elementary he’s introducing us to a martial arts expert who wants to change that good morning Roland good morning Priscilla and good morning South Texas the consequences of bullying behavior are not only traumatic but damaging to children and parents kevin roberts owner of life martial arts says it’s not about punching and kicking in martial arts it’s about discipline it’s about respect it’s about how you feel about yourself I’ve began volunteering and partnering education with CCSD almost ten years ago and you know the reason I’ve donate my time volunteer my time is because I want every child to have the confidence in themselves the skills to stop the bully so we go to all 37 elementary schools here in CC ISD as and we teach all the way from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade Roberts who was a fifth degree black belt with more than 18 years of experience in the martial arts industry was bullied as a kid and wants to help prevent others from being bullied we always tell our students if it is to be it is up to me and we want them to understand that they have what it is to stop but more so you know and almost 18 years plus teaching I’ve had two students who were I’ve taken their own life due to bullying and so that gets me up every morning and that’s what brings us here my instructors and I to come in to help these students make sure that they’re not that Roberts anti-bullying program is about educating students on what bullying is and how to report it and address it in a pro-social manner so when we come in to teach anti-bullying we teach by four simple steps that will work against physical attacks verbal attacks and that is number one we block the attack whatever that whether it’s a verbal or physical assault we’ve blocked that next one is to create space to get to safety we run and then we tell them about I keep up the good work buddy hey if you like more information on bullying and looking for warning signs all you have to do is visit our website at kitv.com my

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