4 thoughts on “Living in a Chinese Kung Fu Monastery. The Furious Five (Alisa & Liza Around the World)

  1. From NY, the Chinese Consulate asked me to get an acceptance from the Monastery??, can some body please help me? Thanks

  2. Hello!  May I know about the  payments and directions to this temple? thank you! Is there any way to contact any one from there?

  3. Hi Elizabeth! My dad is the person below who asked about the Chinese Consulate. I am flying out to Wu Wei Si Monastery in a month… so exciting! I sent you a Facebook Message, hopefully we can connect. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi, I am Eduardo from Miami, FL, I need a big favor, I will attend the monastery in 3 weeks for Kung Fu, can you please tell me when can I go there for the interview with the Chief Monk? and if admitted, will be a day off during the week? if so, what day. Thank you very much, I will stay there 4 weeks.

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