Liver Punch Anatomy & Execution | Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA Tutorial

The shot that makes grown men and warriors cry the infamous liver shot The little technical details that make all the difference and can finish the fight early watch as Cathy loads her shoulders to the left Sets her weight down before coming back up and ripping the left hook to body now This is going to be this is going to look almost like an uppercut I am going to quote Damian Trainor on this as he explained the best of me when you throw this hook this Uppercut to body mexican uppercut , whatever you want to call it you are aiming for the opposite shoulder If you’re aiming for the opposite shoulder even if you miss you’re gonna bring your shoulder up towards your face to protect yourself a bit better helping you to reset and not get off-balance and Overextend the purpose behind the position of the knuckles would be the anatomical position Of the liver within the ribcage although the liver spans almost across the entire width of the body The majority of it is on the right side if we come up at this angle aiming for the opposite shoulder Forces us to face our knuckles in an upwards position Shoveling that hook in digging the knuckles into the ribcage Now it going upwards will force it into the liver and shut our opponent down to continue the flow of this Combination and movement. We are going to angle to the outside after hitting this liver shop So as Cathy steps in here, it’s not deep enough It’s a little bit of a narrow step and that’s why she still ends up in front of me what you want to do on The second step which Cathy does take right here. It’s just not deep enough. You see that when her front foot steps It’s only about an inch or two and it still ends up in front of me,

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  2. This is another great video from you, Paul Banasiak! I loved it! Many thanks for making it! 🙂

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