Little Tigers Martial Arts

Head Academy Kung Fu teaches Martial Arts to three to five year olds in our Little Tigers program these are children who are in their early
developmental stages whose parents want them to build focus and work on
developing physical skills parents want them to gain discipline
in a fun and safe environment and activity where they can explore the
physicality our little tigers classes are designed
to develop gross motor skills superior to any other sports They will develop balance, agility
coordination, Strength and the beginning of the basic martial arts skills Our classes build concentration, focus
and discipline, social skills and memory development. your child will benefit from improved
confidence, self-respect, self-awareness and better social skills. we would like to show you our welcoming
and friendly environment we understand that some of the children
at this age might take a little while to warm up to the environment and a group class structure. Please rest assured we are here to help
your child and encourage them in the best way possible To book in for a free introductory class
please go to the contact us page fill in your details and we will contact you as
soon as possible to arrange your first visit we look forward to seeing you in one of
our schools really soon.

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