Literacy & Karate Camp

This week I learned how to tie a karate belt. I learned how to karate. Well the camp this week is literacy at karate and this week students are learning literacy and they are learning about character traits and point of view. I wanted to be part of this camp because I like reading and I like to do like karate. We’re going to perform the twenty moves to one form. In the karate camp they are working with Dylan’s karate and they are learning most of the principles of karate and how to do some of the basic moves. Don’t talk when you’re not supposed to and be kind. Well it’s important to engage students in literacy and karate and karate and literacy in order to build their confidence built their knowledge of what they already know built or schema we read books and read a book called The Karate Mouse about Geronimo Stilton and how he learned karate in one week just like they did. I learned literacy about character traits and goals. The bottom belt, flip it over. We watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to tie their built so that they could not have their bill before master Dylan came and his sister. So it’s important to connect the literacy with activities with things they like to like to do because it keeps them engaged. It’s awesome. Why? Because karate, it teaches you a lot of moves. The students have had so much fun this week. It’s been a, I’ve seen a lot of growth we’ve had a lot of times a lot of chance to read together work on fluency work on building their comprehension as well as working on the karate. So I’ve seen a lot of students have fun this week with building their confidence and a lot of us have made new friends. Well I think it’s pretty cool because people like just sit at home playing video games and then when you go back to school you just forget everything. So I made sure that didn’t happen to me. Well I think it’s cool because it’s like imagination coming to life.

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