Lionheart (1990) ★ Then and Now 1990 vs 2019

Hello everyone on my channel. In this video you will find out who starred
in the film “Lionheart” and what`s going on with them now Voyo Goric as Sgt. Hartog, actor, born 1940 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Now he is 79 Brian Thompson as Russell, an American actor. Born August 28, 1959. Now he is 60 years old Lisa Pelikan – Helene, theater, film and
television actress, born July 12, 1954. She is 65 now Abdel Qissi – Attila, Moroccan-Belgian actor
and ex-boxer. Born January 20, 1960 Age 59 Deborah Rennard as Cynthia, American actress. Born November 4, 1959 Los Angeles. 60 years old Harrison Page – Joshua, a television movie
actor, born August 27, 1941. Now he is 78 Lawrence Bender – Garage Fight Heckler,
American film producer. Born October 17, 1957. Age 62 Jeff Langton – Cynthia’s Fighter, actor
and martial artist, born December 11, 1956. Now he`s 62 years old Michel Qissi – Moustafa, actor, Moroccan-born
stuntman. Born September 12, 1962. Age 57 Paco Christian Prieto as Pool Fighter, film
actor. Born March 8, 1955. He is 64 now Stuart F. Wilson – Scottish Fighter, In
1986 he was the A.A.U. Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion and
now has over 30 years of martial arts experience Ashley Johnson as Nicole Gaultier, American
actress. Born on August 9, 1983 California. She is 36 years old now Jean-Claude Van Damme – Lyon, actor Belgian-born,
director, fight director, bodybuilder, martial artist. Born October 18, 1960. Age 59 Thank you for watching! If you liked the video, please share it on
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