Lindungi Istana!! – Kung Fu Panda Indonesia – Part 4

as the hero trained his legend spread
across the land even reaching the dark depths of chor gum prison where Tai Lung
waited went along heard that someone else would be granted the Dragon scroll
he burned with he knew it’s time to escape and claim what was rightfully his
but first he’d send Shifu a message as Zhang the palace goose flew home to tell
Master Shifu of Tai lungs escape dark storm gathered soon Tai Lung would
return and when he did it would determine the fate of the Valley of
Peace you I’m so happy right now
we haven’t robbed anyone in days who looks like our luck is about to
change oh my goodness hey sang you okay they they just be swingley I have news
for mr. Schaefer must must get to the palace okay take it easy
I gotcha next stop at the Jade Palace help carry Zheng to the palace so I left
right congratulations you have found a grip Master Shifu News Thailand is free
escape from shore gun prison he’s coming here here to get the dragon scroll he
will take Tai Lung sometime to get here we must see to the village at once
okay guys sounds great let me just grab snack so I can build up my Chi okay I
guess I’ll just talk to you guys when you get back yeah boy tuner intruder Baha I can’t let
the thieves take all the panda stumble allows you to travel intruder intruder close the ceiling
doors by climbing up and touching them congratulations you have found a rare
coin this hi intruder intruder close the ceiling
doors by bouncing on the drums to touch them Oh intruder how dare you challenge the black hoof
Boer clan what happened here I see you did well
panda I did I mean yeah I did cuz you know I used my super panda bamboo
awesomeness and yeah I was only pretending to be focus I need you to
focus while we were in the village we heard that the croc gang has invaded
lotus lake word is starting to spread about Tai Lung we’ve got to do something
Master crane why don’t you impo go see what you can find out whoa me and Master
crane it’ll be fun let me get my stuff me and train are
going on a mission whoa you

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