LET’S LEARN Kung Pao chicken RECIPE!

WELCOME TO CREATIVE RECIPE IF U LIKE THIS VIDEO ,SUBSCRIBE ON MY CHANNEL, NOW U WILL SEE THE How to cook Kung Pao chicken from Minnan province Prepare ingredients, chicken breast, a green onion, a bowl of peanuts, ginger, garlic, oil and salt, soy sauce, dried chili Pricklyash,chili seeds, starch, vinegar, Pixian bean paste, sugar, cut little onion, cut off green onions Cut the shallots, slice the gingers, chop garlics, cut the dried chili ,chop Pixian County,bean paste loosen the chicken breast with the knife, cut into small pieces, pour the wine starch mix and marinate for ten minutes two Spoon soy sauce, two spoons of vinegar, salt a little white sugar, chicken essence, starch, mix well, cooking oil, pour peanuts, fry until yellow, spare all cooking oil, Chicken breast, stir until white,spare all ,put indried chili, pepper ,put in the chili seeds pour the bean paste, the garlic, ginger ,put in the chicken breast put in the green onion, pour the sauce, put in the peanuts, move it onto dish, when it’s done today’s Kung Pao Chicken is ready.

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