100 thoughts on “Lenny “The Guv`nor” Mclean Boxing Hardman (best video)

  1. legend and sadly missed ,thumbs up if you think lenny would have certainly killed charlie z lol respect lenny YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE GOVENER

  2. I meet Lenny in the early eights i was in st Barts hospital when i saw a big man walking toward the empty bed next to me when he turned around the tucs he was wearing had been shredded by a shotgun blast it left two big holes in each ass cheek , he had walked to the hospital. i spent ten days with him and heard many unnerving tales …

  3. McLean wanted to fight Ali in the 1970's. According the legend, Ali's camp watched a one minute clip of one of his fights and said "No way".

  4. I would love to have met Lennie. I grew up in a hard place, Shaw wouldn't have made the grade there but Lenie would have been up there with the best

  5. Shame Lenny didn't play the tough guy with cliff fields who KO'd fatty twice or john Waldron who KO'd Len twice

  6. Crazy people are really comparing this guy to pro boxers just because the boxer doesn't have gloves or isn't in the ring doesn't mean anything a lion is still a lion without teeth or claws and specially a mma fighter I would have just thrown a side teep to his kneecaps running in like that rushing gotta love muay thai

  7. Guys like this should not be glorified. This is nothing to be impressed with. I don't know much about Mclean but my Uncle saw one guy from Wales 'Malcolm Price' who was another very stupid vicious one. He told me how Price was with someone in a car and another driver slightly scratched their car, he got right out of the car grabbed the other guy by the collar and nutted him in the face leaving the man dangling over the window in blood and drove off. And another time in a pub he got a fork and stuck it right up under another guys chin slamming his face on the table where he was drinking and went off. They called the ambulance right after. A lot of these guys were violent bullies because of their size picking on people, had big fucking egos for nothing.

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