Legendary Sensei Shorinji Kempo. Professor Dozen KAJIHARA 9 Dan | Grand Master [subtitles] 少林寺拳法

The legendary Sensei Shorinji Kempo. Professor KAJIHARA. 9th Dan. Pupil and follower of Kaiso (Sho Doshin) Since becoming acquainted with the spiritual and martial methods of Shorinj Kempo, continues to practice and comprehend this great art. Sagawara has long served as director of the Shorinji Kempo Federation. Professor Sugawara demonstrates Shorinji Kempo’s self-defense techniques. This is one of the techniques for freeing the enemy’s capture, which with his hands grabbed one of Sugawar’s hands. The technique is called Maki Nuki Morote. Professor Sugawara is a leading expert in theoretical research, and at the same time, faithful to art and characterized by the correct folding technique. This is one of the opponent’s control techniques using an opponent’s hand grip. The technique is called Konoha Okuri. This is one of the techniques of self-defense, using a counter-throw against an enemy attack. The technique is called Morote kiri kaeshi nage.

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    SHORINJI KEMPO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0xya9J8JCYJcjOHgMLUjh0RYA8mZPxlg

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    Shorinji Kempo old https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0xya9J8JCYJF27Fzwopx9lUHp-afAjFO

    * Shorinji Kempo is an educational and creative channel about martial arts, self-defense, and more. Formats of the issues – interviews with the masters and trainers of Shorinji Kempo, video tutorials, training, master classes.

  2. Gassho

    This is Dozen KAJIHARA (not Sugawara) sensei. I really like his technique which is purely followed Kyohan.


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