Learning Martial Arts // My First Kung Fu Lesson

Hello, I am here with Karla and special guest Oscar A.K.A. Chibi who is a master am I allowed to say you’re master? He’s really good at kung fu we have him on my channel because he’s going to teach us
a couple moves. I don’t want to brag or anything
but I think I’m going to be really good at this. -So Karla watch out
-Oh man, I’m scared. Alright, let’s jump into the lesson. Learn from it, from your body. This is discovering you not discovering what you have to do. Right foot in front. So from here we’re just kind of… same thing. -Chop.
-Chop. And then upper chop why I was doing this? -Oh, so it’s just like…
-There you go. -So I’m chopping you from like…
-Yeah. Oscar has a very unique way
of teaching kung fu He teaches an alphabet. So, basically he’ll teach you a certain movement call it a and then another movement call it B and another movement call it C etcetera and then he will hand you any weapon and teach you what is unique about that weapon and then tell you,
okay, do movement C according to that weapon and then
you suddenly are super cool and awesome and know how to use that weapon. So, I’ve just been handed this thing and it’s called,
what is it called? Normally there’s two for one so it’s a double Tiger hook swords. Double Tiger hook swords and now here’s one and then
there’s usually two of them at the same time but that’s kind of scary
so I’m just gonna do one. -I’ll do, okay so… I’d say, let’s do B
so you could figure out on your own. B was like this… this… and then scratching. This is for what? -This is for like hooking.
-Yeah. -These are for like poking.
-Exactly. -So, B is.
-So, B is like this. Then Pull back. and then… Well. -Now, there’s many fancy ways to do it.
-Yeah. and then… and then… -As you still think of B.
-Right. But what does this mean? But how do… -How are you using your…
-Yeah. I guess that’s the end of the lesson. -I mean more or less, right?
-Yeah. I think we’re done. So on a scale of like one to ten and ten being super cool
like Bruce Lee level -What am I?
-Oh you guys are like 12. -Yes.
-Oh wow. I have to learn from you guys. That’s it you heard it from the greatest in this ballpark. That was my first time ever doing Kung Fu it was a whole lot of fun and I actually would love
to keep doing Kung Fu I’m a huge Kung Fu panda. Also Bruce Lee, I love Bruce Lee as well I never imagined in my life that I would have the opportunity to even try this. So, this is super duper cool and I am very excited that I was able to work with you today. Oscar here is not on social media because, you know,
he’s all about that Kung Fu life so he ain’t about that social media life. Make sure to hit that thumbs up
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15 thoughts on “Learning Martial Arts // My First Kung Fu Lesson

  1. you got a fan here in Miami, we love your videos, te deceo mucha suerte Romina, nos acordamos mucho de ti cuando fuimos hace una semana a Quivican en Cuba, keep doing your thing, is amazing !!💜

  2. Yo quiero ser como los pandas y aprender Kung fu es un arte muy bonito pero me da miedo.
    I would love to learn that art but I am so young and maybe I don't have the flexibility of movement that I think you need.

  3. The student has become the master!
    Remind me to never make Romina mad! Good job – it looked like a lot of fun.

  4. I was hoping for a final epic battle between you and Carla; like on Star Wars. Can you feel the power of the Dark Side of the Force?

  5. After watching your video I took a class it looks easy but noooooo it is hard at least for me you have to have concentration and movement

  6. Something tells me that if you had a light saber you would be making your own sound effect noises throughout every fight! 😀

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