Learn traditional Kung Fu in China mountains -Elevate your body, mind & soul via Kungfu training

I realized that everybody is a fighter
and being a fighter is not necessarily to be a bully or to be an abuser but to to
be someone who’s willing to stand up for what’s right well I do feel an
improvement in my training because every day we’re learning new things and if not
for not learning new things were improving the things that we already
know I think this place gives everybody an amazing opportunity to grow and to
learn learn how to do things but also to learn a lot about yourself I do all
actually gain about 10 kg since I can I will attempt to break a brick with your
hand every attempted twice already and I
wasn’t successful I’ll show you them in the next coming
weeks of making this always a challenge to train here which is good I really
like it there are always things to face I’ve been trying to face my fears in the
ring also working on the strength you know most of the physical aspect of it
two months is obviously not long enough this is a long time in but it has
improved indeed I think I’m getting better it slowly slowly I don’t think
it’s something very maybe not so obvious from the outside but mentally I think
it’s amazing quite a big the morning I’ve been kunyu mountain for just a month now to learn Kung fu it physically and mentally challenging doing Qigong and throughout the day
practicing your forms but also really increasing your your endurance and your
stamina with all our power training and power stretching I really loved our
coach and our master grow who have been really really supporting also all the
students around you who are always willing to help you and get better and
improve you whether that’s in or out of school this will be a lifetime memory
for me and I want to thank everyone in Kunyu Mountain I have just began in
English yeah my name is Mehdi I am coming from France I’ve been training here since one year
and a half I’ve been there for the first time about seven years ago I stayed for
six months totally about two years I think I’m improving a lot actually I’m
surprised ,that I’m getting healthier people say that I’m improving in my wushu but I still feel like just to beginner like I have to learn a lot it’s a very nice place here
I like China very much so it’s very good to Train martial arts here in China
what’s interesting in school for me is that we have foreigners and Chinese
students in the same time for me it’s very precious because we can learn kung fu a lot
about them in many aspects but particularly in kung fu there are good things
there are bad things there are interesting people they are not
interesting people there are a lot of different people from my case if I’m not
friend with everybody here I can make true friends few but very nice friends
what do you think about your master is still very mysterious he’s very very
skilled I’m sure about that there is very skilled in martial arts he has very
deep knowledge he knows a lot it long time to know the man I think it’s
good teacher he knows a lot and he has a lot of things to to teach you but Mark
you really like this cup yeah this good it says it I’m champion here, for seven
months when I came here I really liked it but it was really hard for me because
I’m really lazy person Shifu and other people try to push myself to make me
better I did boxing for three years I was when I was like 13 or something like
that I came here to learn something like more Chinese and Wing Chun is something
which came from China you want to fight again yeah
sometimes I’m interested and be afraid of get punch in my face I would like to
try Wing Chun sparring yeah Chi Kung I already told that I’m
really lazy person but I had pain in my back and my knees I feel a lot of
improvements my back is not in pain anymore I feel that my arms and my body
is stronger I can run for a little bit I wanna be able to run mmm Thank You MA

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