Learn Shaolin Kung Fu in China Kunyu Mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

hi my name is Simon I am at Kunyu
Mountain martial arts academy in China training in Shaolin Kung Fu through I am
a student a master Fung’s a Shaolin group most students come for a come
through experience of less than a year in the morning is where you practice
basics these are desired these exercises are
designed to increase our coordination and flexibility such as in this power
stretch you need and the purpose of this is so that we can then do these jumping
keys we learn acrobatics on Tuesday and some students can do well and some
students can’t some students are learning these
techniques and this is what it looks like when a student gets below the purpose of these techniques is so
that we can make it together in more complicated forms including drunkenness
and as you can see this is when the break fall techniques come in really
handy when we get to a mastery level a lot slightly in masculine here this is
what it’s supposed to ultimately require every Wednesday masterson takes us up to
the temple that’s nearby to train in bar 1g it’s Qi Gong
that’s originated from the Shaolin Temple and it is and it has that many
years history she don’t is trained for cultivate our
health and actually our life force there are also optional classes in
Chinese and Tai Chi every morning that there are also optional and massage
classes although on Fridays and we have sparring however the sperm is optional
it’s not meditate the masses only encourage you to go in the Mantis pass
to overcome your fees all aspiring and is light in general they don’t want to
see you get hurt that’s it for me I hope you enjoyed this
video and if you are interested in shaolin kung fu .I hope that you will
come to china to learn for yourself

14 thoughts on “Learn Shaolin Kung Fu in China Kunyu Mountain,birthplace of Taoism.

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  2. I would like to join you soon. – Which are the best months to be there for 6 months? I refer to the climate, weather conditions. – Is it recomended to have good english knowledge to follow the teachers in school? or is a very basic english fine?

  3. Thank you for sharing this.I am extremely interested in attending your school if possible in the coming months. I have a great interest in the Martial Arts and am myself a practioner of Wing chun who is looking to further my knowledge, I am also greatly interested in Chinese culture and in learning more about China.


  5. Having practiced Shotokan Karate for 15 years and Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Boxing for one year, I wish to broaden my horizon for martial arts and also other forms of expression.

  6. Amazing.I am not only interested in learning the disicpline of Kung Fu but also am interested in furthering my spirtual journey as a buddhist. My goal is not strictly Kung Fu but to further my path on the way to enlightment! Hope I can join you next year.

  7. Shaolin Kung Fu techniques &Application in China Kunyu Mountain

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