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[Closed Captioning On] There are athletes in every town. Sharpening their skills, getting faster, stronger, and better. This is about more than sports. It’s about perseverance confidence self defense. It’s about power. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of life. Announcer: “Are you guys ready for a battle – let’s make some noise!” It’s about setting goals, achieving them and pushing further. It’s about having someone in your corner, pushing you. Danny: “Spin faster, and extend your kick to the
corner.” No one here sits on the bench. It’s about inspiring others so they can push themselves further than they ever thought they could. It’s about being confident in any situation, to be ready for anything. There is no telling how far it will take you. Announcer: “Mackensi Emory” I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough, but tough has never been so fun. It changed my life. It will change yours too. We are runners dancers football players. We are athletes. I am a martial arts athlete. Join us.

25 thoughts on “Learn Martial Arts : Become A Martial Arts Athlete : Join Our Team

  1. I'm from Georiga. I want to join you :* I need a help, I'm weak 🙁 Help Me! Is there any school of martial arts in Georgia, that belongs to you?

  2. Come down to Maryland there is a lot of karate places that have Hyper camps and etc. I'm a orange belt and I go to ATA and I can't wait to go this summer 🙂

  3. iam from india .i love martial arts .i like to join.but it may take long time to reach there to join.wishes are wishes…………………

  4. I love martial arts it boosted my confidence. I do kickboxing. but the training we do at my martial arts school is Intense! like I'm sore right now tbh but I don't want to complain tho lol

  5. hey hyper I want to learn those hyper things I'm a 3 degree black belt in advanced karate and now learning jeet kun do ,how can I get in contact with you and I'm from india

  6. I would love to join you people, unfortunatelly I'm living in another country and no way to get to where you are. Im a martial artist 2 dan in Taekwon do and acrobat but Im in Argentina. I would love to learn more about tricking and bo staff (thats my favorite weapon) Can I use the app also in my desktop computer (pc) for free or is it only available for android devices? Thanks! My favorite athete is Chloe Bruce.

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