As lean practitioners, we often talk about
change for the better. Change that will have a significant and permanent
positive effect. The problem many organization’s face is
knowing where to start. And, if they do know where to start, navigating
through the lean thinking process can be a daunting endeavor. The good news is there’s a far better way
to improve, learn, and innovate by applying a scientific thinking process known as Toyota
Kata. Mike Rother, who discovered these principles
while studying Toyota introduced this powerful methodology to the world when he published
the book Toyota Kata. At Gemba Academy we’re big Toyota Kata believers,
and practitioners, which is why we’re so excited to announce that we’re putting the
final touches our own Toyota Kata course. This is a comprehensive, hands-on course,
that clearly shows how the Improvement and Coaching Kata’s can be learned and practiced. This course was shot in front of a live class
and was facilitated by Toyota Kata expert, Mark Rosenthal. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter over
at since this will be the best way to keep tabs on the official release
date. You can also sign up for a fully functional
3-day trial anytime you want to take us for a test drive. Thanks for your attention… and we’ll see
you over on the Gemba Academy website.

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