Le côté familiale du taekwondo

My name is Lyna my last name is … I’m thirteen and I have a green belt I’m at Antoine de St-Exupery high school and I’ve been practicing taekwondo for several years but in this school since the start of the year. Hello my name is Rayane …, I have 12 years olds I am a green belt, I’m here for a year and I’m at Henri-Bourassa I’m Lina Sirine … I’m twelve years old, I’m in sixth grade at Wilfrid Bastien school. I’ve been doing taekwondo for a year and a half and I have a green belt. Hello, my name is Racha … I’m eleven years old and I’ve been doing taekwondo for five years. I’m a black belt and I go to the Alphonse-Pesant school. Hello, my name is Vinuya Siva I’m fifteen and I have a black belt. I’m going to St-Ex school and I’ve been doing taekwondo for ten years. Hello my name is Ichamie, I’m ten years old and I come from Alphonse-Pesant school. I have a blue belt and I’ve been here for three years. Hello, my name is Adam … , I’m eleven years old and I have a black belt. I’m at Gabrielle Roy school and I’ve been doing taekwondo for six years. Hello, my name is Elissa Rahma I’m thirteen and I have a red belt. I’m going to Antoine de St-Exupery’s school and I’ve been doing taekwondo for four years. I do taekwondo because it’s a combat sport that will allow me to defend myself and because it helps me to let off steam. Great because I have a lot of friends. Because it’s a sport that interested me I also listen to Kpop and therefore it has to do with Korean culture. It’s a beautiful sport, I wanted to try something new instead of something like soccer that everyone does. I came here to taekwondo because my friend Lili, she was doing taekwondo and it made me want to dot it. Because she showed me a little of what she was doing, and it gave me desire to do it too. I started taekwondo because my parents forced me to, but I started to like it more and more as I came. I came to this taekwondo club because I moved and the club I was before was a bit too far and I wanted to continue my hobby. I decided to do taekwondo because I wanted to test out a new sport that is more self-defense. Frankly, I would like to reach the black belt, but otherwise I would see in time because it’s kind of tiring. Then it will be according to my abilities, if I could keep on but if not, I would at least like to stay in taekwondo until I get my black belt and more. I would like to stop to the black belt. Until I’ve had enough, like I have done a lot of competition, that it’s really like a passion. When I no longer have the passion for taekwondo, I will want to stop for sure. I will do taekwondo until I get old, if I feel like it, I will continue. I would wanted to stop to the red belt because to become a black belt we have to break 12 planks and I’m scared. I would like to keep doing taekwondo, until that I have no more interest of doing it. I will stop doing taekwondo when my studies will become more difficult, when I’ll have more homework. I also aim for the black belt, 3rd or 4th dan. I like taekwondo because I can let off steam and it’s a fun moment. It’s true it’s tiring and the teacher is severe but it’s good because he puts the class in order. Great because I can spend my energie. At taekwondo I feel good, sometimes tired, but otherwise it’s fine. I like taekwondo because it’s one of the hobbies that I prefer and we do a lot of sport, sometimes everyone is tired, exhausted, but in general it’s good. Why do I love taekwondo, yes and no i love taekwondo, yes because I am with my friend and I’ doing taekwondo with my friends and no because I’m tired at the end of each class mosly saturdays. I love to be part of the taekwondo because each time that I go in it keep me in shape, it keep me heathly and it’s been a long time seen I did not go to the hospital I wasn’t always sick and it’s been 3 years and I’m happy. When I practice taekwondo, I feel happy but sometimes exhausted. In competition I often feel stressed because there are a lot of spectators watching , then often at the end of the fight I feel better, I feel relaxed because it’s over and that’s it. Stressed because there’s a lot of fighting to do and I’m afraid of hurting myself. In fact, in competition I feel stressed because you never know who you will be placed with. They say you must prepare; you must be calm. I’m still stressed but in the end it passes. I feel stressed because since I don’t know who my opponent is, sometimes yes, sometimes it’s my friend, so I must try and tell myself that if it’s my friend or not I should go ahead. And sometimes my coach pushes me so that I’m less stressed. In competitions I feel really stressed because a lot of people are watching you, the kicks you do, especially the false kicks. It’s just two people in front, whom everyone is looking at and everyone is serious, they cheer on one side, on the other, so everyone feels a little stressed. There’s stress everywhere, but in the end it’s okay because everyone gets a medal no matter for participating and again, we’re all like family so it’s not something very serious. In competition I feel stressed and nervous, that’s it. Sometimes during/before the competitions, I feel a little stressed but when I enter the square to fight, I always aim to win the gold medal for my club and for me. During my competitions, I really feel more stressed because I don’t know my opponent and I tell myself that maybe there’s a risk that I will get hurt, that’s really it. I feel good here because I have several friends, and I also have my neighbor who lives next door. My friends are like my family and that’s it, I feel good. It’s a family in taekwondo, I find it’s a cool atmosphere, our coach is very friendly with our parents, with us. It’s okay, it’s very homely. Here we’re really like a family. We play together when we have a break; we talk to each other, it’s not like a serious class. When we’re doing taekwondo it’s serious, but when we have a break everyone talks together, we’re like friends, family. Here, I’m feeling witn friends. At taekwondo I always train with my friends, in fact all my comrades who are in the class are like my family. I respect them, they respect me, and I have fun with them, sometimes we make jokes, it’s good. When I walk through the door of the club, I automatically feel happy because I know I will do something good for my health And also, accompanied by people who are dear to me, my friends whom I consider my family.

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