Namskaar freinds, Today I am at , Village
Dagarpur, of Khekda Block, Destrict Baghpat, Uttar Pardesh. and this is Late Choudhary Brahmpal ji Akhada,
Run by Pramukh Leelu Pahlwan when i reached the akhada , I met Younger
brother of Leelu Pahalwan, Manupal Bansal Pahlwan ji it was really a great pleasure to meet him namskar namskaar it is evening practice time , after greetings we sat to talk manupal pahlwan told us we started the akhada in the year 2012 presently this is mud akhada, we hope to bring
mat too, he told us how he started the akhada there was no wrestling school here , so we took intiative and started the akhada
with our own funds children of nearby villages love wrestling it was sad to learn that the govt machinary
failed to provide and assistance , we have provided everything here from own
funds, no help from govt. we have hostel room also , children from far away places stay here , and
learns, and children from nearby , commute daily, on asking about preparation children are happy ,
we will be happy if they become good, that is our aim, my brother village head , Leelu Pahlwan is
teaching them daily by himself, children are going to traditional competitions,
even we organize competition every month and a grand one in every year ,
Leelu Pahlwan and his brother Manupal bansal has been successfully patronizing folk music,
wrestling and other traditional games in his area. I remained a good wrestler, my father also
loved the game, I dream , that one day a wrestler from here
will put a good name for our country, illage folks has a great attachment to the
traditional culture , a combination of traditional music and traditional games like kushti kabaddi
. They willingly send their children to the school run by Leelu Pahlwan , who is teaching
every student , irrespective of his cast or creed. our district Baghpat is very famous for wrestling
, I am dedicated to wrestling, children from
any cast or creed is welcome , my pupil are like my son this is villages area, facilities are minimum
here, mostly are farmers, milkmen ,
however they want their son to put a good name for themselves through games, to be a good wrestler they sent children here, few could support their children, few are
helpless , if such children want to learn, i help them
from my own means , every one is equal in my eyes, my pupils are
like my own children, 20-25 children stays inside the hostel, cook
and practice , a few commutes daily, so it is around a group of 70 students whom I am
teaching, i wake them up at 4am, take them for jogging
east yamuna river canal , they run around 12kms the they come to akhada and practice , then
I teach them, the do “Jor” then they make almond milk, east breakfast,
and take rest, again in the evening there is exercise and
practice . like you are watching, if a child is good, i am equally good for
him, I need , my teachings to be followed, I help them in every way, be it food, almonds,
or anything, in one or two years children turns good, they
can fight in local traditional events, and earn some cash prize, in third year they can earn good, in fifth or sixth year , they can even send
some money to home, this is not a mean or source of income, but
it help them to arrange diet, people can give good money if they see a good
bout, i have no other hobbies, i do not smoke, drink
or do anything, it only I love wrestling , this is my passion,
that is why I am putting my hard earned income into this, nobody has helped me, neither any company,
institution or govt. I can’t go door to door for help wrestlers are like monk, their need their
langoti well tied, and need nothing, A wrestler belongs to the society, he doesn’t
belong to any particular cast or creed, I am passionate about wrestling, but govt
didn’t help. I think when my children will become good
wrestlers one day, their glory will certainly attract people to contribute I think , that at first we have to invest
from our home, and if your investment is true, you can achieve . it is very pathetic that if anything minimum
help is sent by govt, it doesn’t reach at bottom level, it is consumed by the middle
man, I take children to competition on mat and
mud , children has won medals , at national level but nobody has succeeded to be an international
wrestler I think that , if I continue at this pace,
the day is not far, when a child from here will bring a gold medal
in olympics, this is my promise. Leelu pahlwan has started a great wrestling
school from his own hard earned income, Thus, he is contributing to the greater goal of
a healthy and happy society for which he needs a great applause. Leelu pahlwan also organises traditional competition
of folk music, kushti and kabaddi to promote the age old traditions.

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