LADY BLOODFIGHT Trailer 2 (2017) Martial-Arts Action Movie

Excuse me? I’m looking for a youth hostel ? Yeah, follow me! This is the youth hostel? What I? Wanted to thank you very much? Where did you learn to fight like that ? In the kumite you must be prepared? To take a life. Or lose your own. Well guide took all had I win the kumite. I can get my life back Teach me. Have you lost your mind? Suicide, this is my last chance; Welcome to the kumite a tournament for the world’s best fighters. I don’t have anything left I need to wear it. Wow breathe. focus strike teachers very thinking of the real deal. I’ll show you that you’re not ready. I’m here to win. So am I.

100 thoughts on “LADY BLOODFIGHT Trailer 2 (2017) Martial-Arts Action Movie

  1. This is beautiful movie watch tv d smart movie smart and really figther every women world leader and clear street .Womens sport good %50 sport %30 idea mobile phone and %100 girl and I m from turkey Tony Jaa Good actor Martinal art Teacher and I Like sport football and teakvondo but There is not cinema building and science building I m 25 years old new universty example and I m CV in Marketing 🤢😳 but 7 8 mounth work finish but Leader in cinema world no problems clear street and happy

  2. It's interesting how it's white chick kicking all the asian chicks butts. Why does it have to be that way? No asian all the way?

  3. This doesn't make any sense a random chick shows up trains a little bit and automatically is able to fight people that have been doing it their entire lives

  4. why always the "white north american guy/girl" have to go to china and become better in martial arts than the chinese/orientals from there and save the day like if they were the "pros".

    That's old.

  5. 30 years ago Jean-Claude Van Damme did alot of movie like this. He was best. This is not new. Only action movie. Very simple article.

  6. bloodsport kumite remember deshi fast killwatch every mooveyour enemy kumite is bloodysport called dangerous without mercy elements kickboxing street art killing ancient oldartial law art must see that move fight head heart watch out this road is very dangerous let buddha be with you will be fight showdown year must see it

  7. Hahabahahahahahahahah, what a load of crap. These fucking people are a fucking joke, a white woman becomes a martial art expert in no time, I've been been training for last thirty years, and I still think I'm a novice. I understand it's a movie, but this is too much bullshit.

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  9. I think people need to get off of the being uber critics to get attention, wagon. I actually want to see this. At least for the skills.

  10. Could've been better if she had been kidnapped and forced to fight then it's realized she has an undeniable will to live and knack for Marshal arts.

  11. So not just fighting to win money for the combat spot of it, but fight with the intent to kill for money.  Seriously, how many people will she kill for blood money that is NOT so important for her own life?  I don't like this violence. And really, that while girl should not be beating all of the Asians.

  12. Cant believe all the race card batshit on here. Why not change Godfather to be Asian too? I mean, geez, white guys with machine guns? I think Asians were pretty good at thuggery too. Wow. White chick for white audience and Asian men that like white chicks, who cares? Its a figging action flick. Make it any chic, does anyone care? Nest thing you will be saying it needs to ben an LGBTQABC Black Asian from Africa. What the hell man, live with the casting and either like it or dislike it for the other reasons. Geezze

  13. hands up who has been pronouncing kumite wrong all these years? Guilty – ok so it is said like Yosemite

  14. Na don’t be deterred by the bad opinions in the comment section! This movie was dope and it is worth watching. The Asian actors were fantastic, while, as assumed, the main character white girl and a few of the other actors acting was a little bit corny; Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the overall watching experience. There are PLENTY of fight scenes that will satisfy any martial arts enthusiast and all of them are solid/bad ass asf. I really enjoyed it! My attention was genuinely well kept throughout the duration of the entire movie. 💯👍🏽

  15. Omg all the negative comments here. No body watched the movie right? Her father was a martial art fighter (suppose to win the Komite 18 years ago) and she already know how to fight at the beginning of the movie. She don't become a master in months, she just step up her Kung Fu during 3 months with a master

  16. Kumite is Japanese word. It’s based on karate and word mean is “game”, but this is looks like Kung fu. This is so funny that Chinese and Japanese mix.
    Kung fu is like cat fight, karate is more hand assassination in one hand. This is how people confuse that Japanese and Chinese differences. One who knows Japanese can understand spirit differences. I guess Chinese people also get annoying too. Real Kung fu is also beautiful performance.

  17. Посредственный фильм, сплошь состоит из клише. Не тратьте свое время. В этом "шедевре" все как всегда, американцы показаны хорошими, а русские плохими. Не просто плохими, а прям совсем негодяями. В этом фильме идет дискриминация по рассовому признаку. Удивительно как автора еще не засудили за разжигание межнациональной розни. Вот интересно мнение юристов по этому поводу.

  18. Anytime a woman is in a fight film and show some competence, there are hundreds of comments from insecure males commenting: "fake" or "bad form", etc…. I think it is because the film implies that this pretty girl could possibly beat a man. While i have no idea if this is true, it is possible that this well trained woman could possibly take down or at least hurt a decent percentage of males and it seems that they have trouble dealing with this scenario. I only find it disturbing because it kind of brings out an almost violent ugliness in the male ego that tends to come out when pretty women are displaying the ability to be strong and independent….which perhaps makes some men feel rejected and emasculated.

  19. Would've been so much better with more fatalities, dammit! Why do they always have to give us ONE BAD GIRL that does all the killing. IT'S AN UNDERGROUND KUMITE TOURNAMENT! Let half of those chicks bite the dust – that's what we (the viewers) want. Give us that – not the stupid "What happened to my daddy" drama we fast forward anyway.

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