Ladoo Chor – Chhota Bheem in English

sold sold sold all laddoos sold….happy days are here again… wow wow if people keep buying my laddoos like this i will soon be very rich then i can buy a Banarsee sari for myself and a beautiful silver necklace for chutki…. Let me see if there are any more laddoss left,happy days are here again Hey thief…thief…..catch the thief what happened mom why are you screaming ooohoo someone has stolen my laddoos again is that a laddoo on your forehead too ? I am hurt and you are making fun of me chutki…. i am sure bheem has stolen my laddoos again. I will not rest in peace till i catch the thief red handed. You just wait and watch. I’m hungry i want laddoos. ? Hungry for laddoos ? its two days since I last ate laddoos raju. forget it no more laddoos now. no more laddoos…..why is that ? Tuntun aunty is guarding the laddoos herself now. yes even i cannot touch them now….she is guarding them day and night i want laddoos Raju think of something yes of course we have to do something about it. snake ! Don’t get scarred, it’s a rubber snake,its not real you were so scarred…i don’t believe it…..aa ha…. Idea….wow raju i have got an idea yes an idea to steel the laddoos. Bad days go away and good days please do come…. snakeeee!!!!!!! Save me, save me! mom what happened… snake……snake…. Mummy you are…so funny …look here ….this is not a real snake it is a rubber snake. But where did it come from ? How would i know ? i am sure it must be bheem again.Oh my laddoos….someone has stolen my laddoos again… laddoos we got the laddoos..ta ta rup rup….we got the laddoos lets eat them. eat eat have fun guys inspite of all my efforts someone is still stealing my laddoos..what to do Aunt tuntun what happened….why are you looking so sad ? inspite of all my efforts someone is still stealing my laddoos..what to do Aunty you take rest,Dholu,Bholu and i will guard the laddoos for you and make sure no one will steal them,but you will have to give us three laddoos every day. Three laddoos. Yes..yes..three laddoos….. Two for me and half each for bholu and dholu half each for us. ok alright then start from tomorrow I will return in sometime,you two better keep your eyes open Dholu take care. yes yes Bholu i will. hey what happened! Boss the laddoos are gone again. Useless,you both are good for nothing your Bholu and Dholu are stupid and useless. Yes aunty,but don’t worry,from now on i will guard them This is your last chance kaalia im going inside Come Jaggu come friends come one come all,see the monkey play..see see this is magic Kara…hooda…jaggu has become an old man . Hey…jaggu has become old….he has become old… hey since bheem is also there no one else can steal the Laddos….let me also have some fun Abra ka dabra….. Jaggu turn into a dancer why is this crowd here….where has kalia dissapeared Friends folks and enemies,see one see all,my monkey magicstick says it all, with closed eyes i can see even money That yellow shirt uncle has a comb under his hat blue shirt boy has 3 choclates in his pocket there are two laddoos in kaalia’s bag there is nothing in my bag . let see whats inside the bag? you thief… you are the real thief ..just you wait….catch him…catch him.. There goes the laddoo theif kaalia…catch the thief….. There he goes.

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