Ladies Fight Night – Odwiedziny w Lodzi, Мы посещаем Лодзь

Good! Do not rush! I want to wish you courage, health .. Milenka, hello! Beat your foot! Good! Do not rush! Good! Come on, come on! The ladies are ready. In a couple of minutes we will announce the winner! All people are already waiting Elina Kayonidu Well, we will continue And we wish all participants courage and health. I’m filming you now. Fine? Now we will play Here is the central scene From here we will go You will have a good time on the other side to shoot the video. Just a few seconds left to announce a new winner in this fierce battle. Who made a wonderful knockout Silviaaaa!!!! Mayshpevi Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! Samokhin Band! Why did we come here? What? Why did we come here? To drink a little bit of vodka What will you tell? Dear friends! Congratulations!
Greetings to all of you from Poland. From the city of Lodz. Here is a good party. Ladies fight night Girls fight, we play. Now after the party we are all going to the club Say in Polish We invite everyone to the Black & White channel We invite for a good view! Channel Black & White!
Not White & Black. Only Black & White Watch the Black&White Show! Black&White Show! The situation is such that we play concerts every day. And we are also trying to understand what is better. White bread tastes better than black or vice versa. Samokhin Band. Watch the Black and White show Samokhin Band. Please see the Black and White Channel

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