Kyūdō – the Japanese martial art of archery

We are in a kyūdō dojo, if you want to have
a little look around this part is where you shoot from and 28 meters down here,
we’re still going to put the targets up, but there are targets at the back. So we use really long bows and arrows, two
meters long and we shoot to the end of the target from above our heads, so really different
to archery, the Japanese martial art of archery. So it’s great for strengthening upper body
and your bones and your muscles it’s like weight training sort of how ever many times you shoot the bow and arrow. So it’s great for upper body strength and
it is really really good for your balance because you bring your legs out a little bit
while you’re shooting. So physically it sort of straightens you up
and it makes you quite strong. It’s like standing meditation so it’s very
good for my mind, I get peace of mind. Most of our work is uncontrollable however
in kyūdō it’s controllable, everything is controllable. So the things and emotions, we can’t control.
But for kyūdō – everything control. So nobody jump into our way, in front of the target. Only you and the target. And when I miss the
target, it’s only my fault. So I ask myself, why did I miss the target,
then I find the answer and try new things again and again. It’s really introspective. The target is just like a mirror of
your mind and what you do. We can face ourselves. It’s all very deep and meaningful. Personally I like the sound of hitting the
target. It’s fun and it looks cool. It’s really enjoyable and exciting especially
when you’re with your friends.

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