Kunyu Mountain Wing Chun Reviews from Loc 2019

My name is Lôc, Lôc Le Van and I’m a coach
here. The really first martial art I practiced was back in france. I practice judo for about
ten years. Um, but actually, uh, as soon as I discovered chinese martial arts and the
way it’s taught here, I don’t consider that practiced any martial arts before that. Yeah,
the first memory I have is being in this room, uh, almost empty and hearing the sounds outside
of the wing chun dummy and straight away I felt like really specific atmosphere. I also
noticed on the side the Qi Gong and Taiji which were totally new to me even if I heard
the words before. I have no idea what it was. Uh and also I’ve seen how the wing chun
where practicing and for me it was really mystical because they were not making a lot
of motion. In parallel to that I was practicing Sanda the chinese kickboxing. I liked it a
lot. It was the first time also I I step on the ring. I always used to do only takedowns
because of the judo and for me it was also discovering the different distance, how to
punch, how to kick, and how to melt everything. I came back to Kunyu Shan for different reasons.
First reason is that it was really practical for me because I don’t speak chinese and it’s
really easy for foreigners to fit in and to just focus on training here because we have
translators that make the communication really easy. The second thing is like with the planning
and facilities, it’s totally possible to not worry about anything else than training.
You come here, you have your room. You can sleep, you can eat this like a specific planning
for that. It’s a routine, for everything that you want to build in a solid way you
need a routine. This one was well planned and comes from the experience of the school
to teach to foreigners. So that’s the second thing that is really important and interesting
because when you have masters that spend their whole life training martial arts and you start
at a “not so young” age (I wasn’t old but let’s say they start at sixteen, I discovered
around my twenty six years… so already you don’t have the same quality, the same flexibility.
I had some previous injury as well. So a lot of unbalance. So it wouldn’t be possible for
me to follow a true traditional chinese training. But the good thing is that they know how to
adapt it to foreigners, and it’s by a lot of time working with us that they discovered
how to adapt it step by step. This process is still evolving because they keep learning,
they keep adapting, they are also always aware of the change that are in the world. For example,
nowadays, there’s a lot of questioning about how to use the traditional martial arts in
real combat or on the ring. Master Guo, my master in Wing Chun, he always now in his
application class tries to make his students think about how to adapt the different traditional
things. First thing is my mentality during the training
really evolved. When I got here, I just wanted to train nonstop. With you know, there’s a big question for me and I think also for some
people about how do we evolve in terms of morality, how do we become better?
And I never thought too much about that. I just focused on my training, and then suddenly
when I went back home for the first time I spent time with my family, my friends, they
noticed that I was way more open minded and also to be used to deal with the daily pain,
even if it’s a constructive pain, you can take a lot more than before.

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